First published on July 2, 2010, By Kate Lawson

This is berry season, right? And Michigan has some wonderful fresh fruit at the farmer's market, right?  And if you make your own shortcakes and top them with these colorful berries, do you think anyone will complain?

Absolutely not.

Mixed berries add a burst of color to any dish and keep desserts tasting fresh —not heavy. Perfectly portioned for single servings, these light and flaky shortcakes are topped with fresh whipped cream and mixed berries. Bright, juicy strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries will explode like flavorful fireworks with each mouthful and the creamy topping will cool you off for sure.

This recipe is from Driscoll, the folks who specialize in fresh, flavorful berries. But your Michigan farmer is hard at work growing them especially for you, so they're worth seeking.

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