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  1. Detroit must learn to respect itself

    Detroiters have a very thin skin when it comes to outside criticism of the city.

  2. Mary Barra's big test on Capitol Hill

    We learned a few things this week about GM's new CEO, Mary Barra, during the two congressional hearings over the company's faulty ignition switch fiasco.

  3. Existing law good enough to 'scrap' metal thieves

    Frank Beckmann asks: Why would Michigan need an anti-scrapping law when it already has one on the books?

  4. In foreign policy, weakness feeds aggression

    'We maintain the peace through our strength. Weakness only invites aggression.' President Ronald Reagan, 1983

  5. Beckmann: Obama builds Michigan a bridge to nowhere

    President Barack Obama's failure to request funds to aid a second Detroit-Windsor bridge will slow the economic growth the Detroit area desperately needs.


Frank Beckmann is the radio news talk show host at WJR-AM from 9-11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Beckmann, who was named "Best Midday Personality of 2007" by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, has 35 years of broadcasting experience. He was inducted in 2007 into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame for his play-by-play announcing, most recently of University of Michigan football.

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