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  1. Chad Knaus' flawless strategy sets Jimmie Johnson on road to MIS victory

    Johnson is a six-time NASCAR Sprint Cup series champion, but without Knaus, arguably the best in the business, where would he be?

Writer: U-M Football, Motorsports

Angelique Chengelis has been with The Detroit News since November 1990. She is a native of Cincinnati and a 1987 graduate of the University of Cincinnati. Following graduation, she spent six months as an intern with The News and fell in love with Detroit and the sports town it is. She then worked for The Knoxville (Tenn.) Journal, covering Tennessee women's basketball.

Her primary responsbilities with The News are Michigan football, which she has covered since 1992, and motor sports.

Angelique Chengelis' favorites:

  • Favorite sports venues: Rose Bowl, Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  • Favorite sport: College football.
  • Favorite recreational sports: Tennis and golf.
  • Favorite restaurant: Beverly Hills Grill.
  • Favorite food: Graeter's ice cream from Cincinnati.

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