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  1. Start repairing sun's damage to decks, other household spots

    If you look closely at your deck, siding, roofing shingles and even your carpet, you will probably notice the effect of the sun's damaging UV rays.

  2. Today's garage doors come in many styles

    With so many improvements in the design and functionality of today's garage doors, it has often moved to the top of the home improvement 'to do' list and can be a great way to improve your home's curb appeal.

  3. What it means to really be 'neighborly'

    Being a good neighbor starts with a face-to-face introduction. I know it's considered old-school, but your kids probably do it all the time.

  4. After the rain, you need to beware of mold

    The record-setting rains resulted in flooded streets, leaky roofs and flooded basements. More importantly, the aftermath of the water damage can have longer lasting impact on you and your family's health.

  5. Control the humidity in your home to stay cooler

    It isn't just the heat but also the humidity that makes us uncomfortable. That's why you feel more comfortable when it is 85 degrees with 45 percent humidity than on that same 85-degree day with 70 percent humidity.

  6. Tips to prep for a late-summer outdoor party

    If you listen to the weather in the summer, you will likely hear about those pop-up thunderstorms that can occur. But a party on your deck or patio with family or friends can also pop up quickly in the summer.

  7. MSU builds a greener campus we can learn from

    You hear a lot about green building these days, but like most things in the area of energy conservation, it takes time for such an initiative to become a common practice. MSU is taking the lead.

  8. Cool tips for saving energy during the summer

    Just like there are ways to keep your home warmer in the winter while lowering your energy costs, the same is true in the summer cooling season.

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America's Master Handyman, Glenn Haege, has been involved in the home improvement industry for more than 40 years as a retail store manager, instructor, corporate manager and broadcaster. Glenn's column appears Friday in the Homestyle section and is distributed nationally via the New York Times newswire.

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More on Glenn Haege

Glenn has been a weekend fixture on the radio in southeast Michigan for close to 30 years as host of the award-winning "Handyman Show with Glenn Haege" on Detroit radio station WJR - AM 760, from noon to 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. His program is syndicated nationwide on 140 radio stations from coast-to-coast. As an testament to his professionalism, longevity and quality on-air performance, Glenn was inducted into the Michigan Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2011.

His highly popular help site,, which attracts almost 1 million hits a month is where you will find his weekly articles, podcasts of his radio shows and books, as well as, being able to sign up for his free weekly e-mail newsletter. In addition, Glenn has written 11 books on home improvement topics.

Glenn also is a much sought after regular speaker at various home shows and at home improvement industry trade shows and events.

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