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  1. Toronto International Film Festival: A fine time to play Where's Oscar?

    It's uncertain whether Oscar will be attending this year's Toronto International Film Festival. What is certain is that there will be the annual deluge of quality films at the fest, 289 features and 83 shorts from 72 countries.

  2. Review: 'Frank' strikes some seriously odd chords

    'Frank' is an odd little rock-and-roll fable likely destined to become a cult hit for late night stoners everywhere. That's because the title character wears a large papier mache head with a fixed expression of vague wonder day and night.

  3. As a new TV season approaches, fave shows get ready to sign off

    If we're just about at the beginning of a new TV season, why does it feel so much like things are ending? Maybe because they are: 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'The Newsroom,' 'Mad Men' and more.

  4. Review: 'Life of Crime' can't find pulse behind its kooky characters

    Director-screenwriter Daniel Schechter transforms Elmore Leonard's novel 'The Switch' into the film 'Life of Crime,' a movie that plays out in the goofy caper genre with very little feel of urgency.

  5. Review: Witty and wise 'May in the Summer' ponders love, family

    'May in the Summer' is a lovely meditation on family and love with crossing cultures and second thoughts.

  6. Review: Conspiracies and gunfire drive 'November Man'

    Filled with efficient thrills, 'The November Man' is both more taut and tough than you'd expect from a late August spy action flick. Then again, it's produced by and stars Pierce Brosnan.

  7. Overnight sensation is 15 years in the making

    Now that the Chris Pratt hysteria of a few weeks back has somewhat died down, let's try to take an objective look at things.

  8. Review: 'Land Ho!' follows two old friends reviving their lives in Iceland

    'Land Ho!' relies on its own oddball charm and the beauty of Iceland to pull you in. Luckily, they're a fine if decidedly low-key combination.

  9. 5 upcoming events for some cultural salvation

    Culture can be exhausting.Just think of what's ahead. Another 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie. A parade of 'Star Wars' sequels. But today I am resolved to be positive. Thus my list of five cultural events I'm actually looking forward to.

  10. Review: In 'The Giver,' human spirit prevails in an oppressive future

    As adapted by Michael Mitnick and Robert B. Weide and directed by Phillip Noyce, the movie is alternately a cautionary tale, a story of redemption and a salute to the human spirit, even as it questions the wisdom of that spirit.

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Tom Long is the Detroit News movie critic.

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