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  1. Real estate developer builds skills as a knitter

    Professionally, Diane Van Buren leads a very busy life as president of Zachary & Associates Inc. Yet, despite playing a major role in the rebirth of Detroit, she has found a way to work knitting into her schedule.

  2. Palm weaving tradition continues with crafter

    Just this past week, Gene Fedeli taught five palm weaving classes, 10 students each, at Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church, where he and his wife are members.

  3. Love for fiber survives a rough start

    Deborah Vinson of Detroit learned to knit the hard way ó from a true novice who had just learned herself. Here, she shares her Bejeweled Crocodile Headband crochet project.

  4. Dearborn fabric shop the Material Girls nearly doubles in size

    All it took was a small opening in a wall inside the Material Girls in Dearborn to make a huge difference in the shop's original size, creating room for more fabric, sewing notions and larger class sizes.

  5. Be sure to do math when selling your crafts

    You've been crafting for a number of years and selling your goods at local art and craft fairs, but now you're wondering if it's time to rent space at a craft mall. Based on personal experience, allow me to say, 'Careful ó there's a lot to think about!'

  6. Crafting enthusiast on mission to teach others

    Andrea Fields plans to share her wealth of handmade skills with youngsters in Metro Detroit who no longer have the benefit of learning crafts in school.

Crafting Columnist

Jocelynn Brown, a native Detroiter, is a graduate of Wayne State University and has worked at The Detroit News for some 20 years. Jocelynn has always loved to make things and is lucky enough to be able to incorporate her hobby into her work in the Features department.

More on Jocelynn

"Ever since I can remember, Iíve always enjoyed some form of crafting. I think it must have started at a very young age when I first discovered how much fun it could be to make things out small items my mother and paternal grandmother no longer wanted. That would lead to crocheting, knitting, doll making, beading, sewing, and, believe it or not, the list may still be growing.

"When I was asked to write a craft column, it was a welcomed opportunity. I could actually write about my favorite pastimes and meet others who shared my passion for making things by hand. In addition to the column, I also write the craft blog and a Yarn Over item that appears almost every Saturday in the My Weekend section of the paper and online.

Jocelynn's Favorite Things

  • Crafts: Crocheting, because my mother taught me. Growing up, we often spent long hours crocheting together while watching TV and sitting on the back porch. I also find much enjoyment in knitting, beading and simple sewing projects.
  • Yarns: wool and silk blends, and 100 percent cotton
  • Fabrics: mud cloth, batiks, boiled wool and heavy linen
  • Place to shop: anywhere that has at least a 50 percent-off sale
  • Movies: anything by Tyler Perry
  • TV Show: "Americaís Next Top Model"
  • Color: purple (worn with olive green)
  • Art/craft projects Iím most proud of: Four mud-cloth vests I made last year to add to my wardrobe; and a 4-foot tall needle-sculpted Victorian lady doll, complete with a black and burgundy outfit, including a hand-crocheted shawl and tapestry boots with matching hat.

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