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  1. Purse maker opens shop in Penobscot Building

    Angela Boone, owner of Angelique Collections, always knew she wanted to make purses, but never seemed to have time until she experienced an unfortunate turn of events.

  2. Success is in the bag for Detroit purse designer

    Franchelle Jackson is a Detroiter with a strong will to succeed. Take, for instance, when she came up with the idea for using a boomerang as the handle for what would be her very first purse-making project.

  3. Trendy yarn craft replaces knitting needles with arms

    Earlier this year, Lynette Halalay reached beyond the art of hand-knitting when she embraced what's probably the hottest trend among knitters today: arm-knitting.

  4. 'River of creativity' flows with furniture making

    When Sue Kolb of Ortonville spends time up north, she sometimes takes a break from fun activities to hunt for twigs in ditches. She uses the branches to construct the twig furniture she makes and sells under the name Red Pine Pottery & Twigs.

  5. Textile artist opens shop in 'Small Mall on Second'

    Dreams do come true ó just ask longtime fiber artist Sheila M. Palmer, owner of Quetarshe Textiles Boutique & Studio.

  6. Broken necklace becomes link to jewelry-making business

    Fourteen years ago, a broken necklace and an adult education brochure prompted Claireta Thomas to pursue jewelry-making as a hobby, but shortly thereafter, it became a small business venture.

  7. Art therapist: Fiber work relaxing

    Kelly Darke is an art therapist by day and a fiber artist by night. The busy Westland resident creates one-of-a-kind wearable and decorative art made with scraps of fabric, yarn, embroidery thread and pieces of metal.

  8. Jewelry designer shining example of entrepreneurship

    Some rhinestone-studded shoes in childhood leads to a Grosse Pointe store run by mother and daughter, plus a star-studded jewelry business on the side.

  9. 'Woolgatherers' guild promotes joy of knitting

    They call themselves the Woolgatherers Knitting Guild, but they knit with a range of fibers every third Thursday. Learn more about the group and make Judy's Seamless Slipper for yourself.

Crafting Columnist

Jocelynn Brown, a native Detroiter, is a graduate of Wayne State University and has worked at The Detroit News for some 20 years. Jocelynn has always loved to make things and is lucky enough to be able to incorporate her hobby into her work in the Features department.

More on Jocelynn

"Ever since I can remember, Iíve always enjoyed some form of crafting. I think it must have started at a very young age when I first discovered how much fun it could be to make things out small items my mother and paternal grandmother no longer wanted. That would lead to crocheting, knitting, doll making, beading, sewing, and, believe it or not, the list may still be growing.

"When I was asked to write a craft column, it was a welcomed opportunity. I could actually write about my favorite pastimes and meet others who shared my passion for making things by hand. In addition to the column, I also write the craft blog and a Yarn Over item that appears almost every Saturday in the My Weekend section of the paper and online.

Jocelynn's Favorite Things

  • Crafts: Crocheting, because my mother taught me. Growing up, we often spent long hours crocheting together while watching TV and sitting on the back porch. I also find much enjoyment in knitting, beading and simple sewing projects.
  • Yarns: wool and silk blends, and 100 percent cotton
  • Fabrics: mud cloth, batiks, boiled wool and heavy linen
  • Place to shop: anywhere that has at least a 50 percent-off sale
  • Movies: anything by Tyler Perry
  • TV Show: "Americaís Next Top Model"
  • Color: purple (worn with olive green)
  • Art/craft projects Iím most proud of: Four mud-cloth vests I made last year to add to my wardrobe; and a 4-foot tall needle-sculpted Victorian lady doll, complete with a black and burgundy outfit, including a hand-crocheted shawl and tapestry boots with matching hat.

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