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  1. Detroit's maternal death rate triple the nation's

    Detroit women are dying from pregnancy-related causes at a rate three times greater than for the nation. Experts blame the same combination of medical conditions and social toxins that kills Detroit babies at a frequency that is the worst of America's big cities, and even some Third World countries.

    • 10:05 PM, Jul. 9, 2014

    New DIA art evaluation is unlikely to unravel 'grand bargain'

    The Detroit Institute of Arts is not home free. Not after a valuation of its prodigious collection, submitted this week to the city, concluded the museum’s 60,000-piece collection could be worth as much as $4.6 billion, nearly six times the value Christie’s placed on the DIA’s most prized pieces last winter.

  2. Crowded field will attempt to unseat Ficano as Wayne Co. primary nears

    Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is fighting for his political life with less than a month to go before the Aug. 5 Democratic primary that will almost certainly decide who will lead the county for the next four years.

  3. J.D. Martinez showing Tigers he's got the write stuff

    With the music blasting in the Tigers clubhouse late Wednesday afternoon, and most of his teammates hitting the showers or grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading to the airport for the coming trip to Kansas City, J.D. Martinez sat in front of his locker — still in uniform — and grabbed a well-worn notebook and a pen.

  4. JPMorgan offers financial help to those who bid in Detroit home auctions

    Detroit JPMorgan Chase & Co. plans to announce a program aimed at increasing the number of homeowners who bid in the auctions run by the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

  5. Final 2 to be sentenced in mob attack of motorist in Detroit

    Detroit — The two remaining defendants charged in the attack on suburban motorist Steve Utash will learn their sentences today.

  6. Hearing set for man charged with killing referee

    Livonia — A Dearborn soccer player accused of killing a referee with a punch to his neck is scheduled to appear in court.

  7. 'Game of Thrones' earns a leading 19 Emmy nods

    Los Angeles — The fantasy saga 'Game of Thrones,' defying the Emmy Awards' grudging respect for genre fare, emerged as the leader in the nominations announced Thursday with 19 bids, including best drama series and supporting nods for actors Peter Dinklage

  8. Michigan schools still largely mediocre

    When students leave their high schools behind, they should be able to face their first college classes with confidence.

  9. Doomsday scenarios: Apocalyptic culture preys on our worst fears again and again

    The end is near. It's at your local movie theater, it's on your TV. It's streaming into your computer, on your phone, on your tablet. Apocalyptic culture — books, movies, TV shows that deal with the end of civilization or the world — seems to be coming at us non-stop.

    • 7:08 AM, Jul. 10, 2014
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    The Dodge Grand Caravan is dead, long live the Grand Caravan

    The Dodge Grand Caravan deserves its own room at the Smithsonian when Dodge retires the line. It's a practical, versatile, comfortable, rolling condo with enough interior room for an art house movie preview or your pet yak.

    • 6:44 AM, Jul. 10, 2014

    4 children among 6 killed in Houston-area shooting

    Spring, Texas — A father who authorities say went on a shooting rampage at a suburban Houston home, killing four of his children and two adults and wounding his 15-year-old daughter critically, has surrendered after a standoff and is in custody, police sa

    • 8:57 AM, Jul. 10, 2014

    U.S. unemployment aid applications fall to 304,000

    Washington — Fewer people sought U.S. unemployment benefits last week, driving down the level of applications to nearly the lowest in seven years.

    • 11:47 PM, Jul. 9, 2014

    Cartoonist and author Jim Benton of Bloomfield Township is never stuck for ideas

    He's had New York Times bestsellers, shelves of awards, a Fox Kids animated series and a Hallmark movie, but he remains self-deprecating and eminently likeable.

  10. Protests greet plans to house child migrants in Michigan

    Vassar — A social services organization says it wants to house some children from Central America at a facility in a small Michigan community, prompting ...

  11. Review: 'Masters of Sex' returns, haunted by indecision and confusion

    As the second season of Showtime's groundbreaking 'Masters of Sex' begins, no one seems the master of anything. It sounds a bit soapy, but there's enough ...

  12. Tactics, style divide Democrats in 4th District state Senate race

    State Sen. Virgil Smith of Detroit is trying to fend off a Democratic primary challenge from Rep. Rashida Tlaib to represent a district including parts of the ...

  13. 10 tasty spots around town to find frozen custard

    Ice cream's smoother cousin isn't as well known, but there are plenty of places to find it in Metro Detroit. Want something more traditional, we have a guide ...

    • 7:16 AM, Jul. 10, 2014

    Civil rights group: More advocacy needed to stem anti-Muslim bigotry

    While Muslims have found greater mainstream acceptance in Metro Detroit and nationwide, more work is needed to address persistent discrimination and ...

    • 11:01 PM, Jul. 9, 2014
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    Car Culture: Have car decal fun for $20 or less

    Well, it seems those old 'auto wrap' email come-ons are making the rounds again; I've had a couple such offers pop up in my inbox in the past few days.

  14. Uncle Kracker joins Under the Sun tour with Sugar Ray, more

    When putting together this year's version of the '90s nostalgia outing Under the Sun, Mark McGrath turned to an old friend: Uncle Kracker. McGrath and Kracker ...

    • 10:57 PM, Jul. 9, 2014
    • AUTOS
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    Livonia firm turns autos on to propane

    What's the most commonly used fuel source for cars and trucks around the world? If you guessed gasoline, you are correct. And in second place … yes, diesel.

    • 6:39 AM, Jul. 10, 2014

    Commanders suggest a 2nd group in Benghazi attacks

    Washington — Well-trained attackers executed the deadly dawn assault on a CIA complex in Benghazi, Libya, suggesting different perpetrators from those who ...

    • 10:59 PM, Jul. 9, 2014
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    Curb catalytic converter thefts

    Every couple of months, Craig Heiser sees a car putter into his garage without a catalytic converter.

    • 7:20 AM, Jul. 10, 2014

    Israel escalates aerial offensive on Gaza

    Jerusalem — Israel dramatically escalated its aerial assault in Gaza Thursday hitting hundreds of Hamas targets, as Palestinians reported 16 people killed in ...

  15. Bastone Complex's executive chef shares his delicious turkey meal

    Chef Robert Young decided to share his turkey recipe because 'it's really simple to make' and is the result of 'attending lots of family reunions that had ...

  16. Report: Chinese hackers hit U.S. personnel networks

    Washington — Chinese hackers broke into the computer networks of the U.S.

  17. Apricots taste just peachy in a cherry compote

    Everyone has a favorite fruit and mine is the apricot (next is the peach). Apricots are so wonderful in a pork dish, rice dish and with couscous, but as I have ...

  18. Michigan Lavender Festival expects thousands of well-wishers

    Lavender isn't just a pretty purple herb that smells good. It has vast healing properties, says local wellness educator Jennifer Vasich. No wonder the Lavender ...

  19. Obama aims to shift border crisis political debate

    Austin, Texas — Faced with a potentially awkward scene at the Texas-Mexico border, President Barack Obama sought to recast the political debate over a flood of ...

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