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  1. J.K. Rowling shares details on Potter's singing sorceress

    London J.K. Rowling has posted new details about a minor character from her Harry Potter books on the fan website

    • 1:56 PM, Aug. 15, 2014
    • Books + Games

    A guide to beers of the Heartland

    How far would you drive for a good pint of beer? For Michael Agnew, it was more than 10,000 miles.

    • 2:40 PM, Aug. 8, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Book series to continue 'Frozen' adventures

    New York The adventures of sisters Anna and Elsa of 'Frozen' fame will continue, at least on paper.

    • 1:07 PM, Aug. 5, 2014
    • Books + Games

    James Brown's son pens memoir as biopic 'Get on Up' hits theaters

    While some dramatic license was taken with facts, the Hollywood version of 'Godfather of Soul' James Brown's life isn't as dramatic as the real story, his son, Daryl Brown, says.

    • 12:23 PM, Aug. 5, 2014
    • Books + Games

    'Bosnia List' authors come to Metro Detroit to talk about tragedy

    Susan Shapiro will return to her native West Bloomfield Township this week with Kenan Trebincevic, her inspiration for 'The Bosnia List,' for a book reading and signing.

    • 11:59 PM, Aug. 4, 2014

    Scrabble adds 5,000 words

    New York To Scrabble fanatics, big gifts sometimes come in small packages.

    • 2:02 PM, Aug. 1, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Review: 'Murdered: Soul Suspect' is worth sleuthing through

    It has a compelling setup, and even if 'Murdered' can't quite overcome the limitations of being a video game trying to tell a mystery, the game is worth a look.

    • 1:25 PM, Aug. 4, 2014
    • Books + Games

    9 graphic novels for light summer reading

    Looking for some fun, light reading for yourself or for the kids? Here are some recent and coming-soon all-ages graphic novels to pack for the beach.

    • 6:48 PM, Aug. 1, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Are you a book hoarder? There's a word for that

    How many books is too many books? What makes you a book hoarder? What do you do when you have too many? In Japanese, there's a word for it: tsundoku.

    • 6:49 PM, Jul. 28, 2014
    • Books + Games

    White House chef's book tells all about fixing food for a first family

    Former White House chef John Moeller has written a recipe-filled book about his experiences, 'Dining at the White House: From the President's Table to Yours.'

    • 6:21 PM, Jul. 25, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Author Harper Lee says she didn't OK new book about her

    Chicago The reclusive author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' one of the most acclaimed novels of the 20th century, says she never gave her approval to a new memoir that portrays itself as a rare, intimate look into the lives of the writer and her older sister in smal

    • 11:30 PM, Jul. 21, 2014
    • Books + Games

    'Little Big Man' author Thomas Berger dies at 89

    New York Witty and eclectic novelist Thomas Berger, who reimagined the American West in the historical yarn 'Little Big Man' and mastered genres ranging from detective stories to domestic farce, has died at age 89.

    • 1:10 PM, Jul. 18, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Archie's death latest comic book to inject reality

    Over the past four years, storylines in the more socially relevant series aimed at adult Archie fans have included Kevin's marriage to his husband and Archie love interest Cheryl Blossom tackling breast cancer.

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