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  1. Comedian Carol Leifer offers serious guide to career success

    Los Angeles Emmy-nominated writer and comedian Carol Leifer offers readers tips gained from the school of hard knocks.

    • 8:32 AM, Apr. 18, 2014

    Title of new Hillary Clinton book: 'Hard Choices'

    Washington Hillary Rodham Clinton's upcoming book will be called 'Hard Choices,' a title that reflects how the potential 2016 presidential candidate may try to define her record as President Barack Obama's secretary of state while she considers another

    • 5:42 PM, Apr. 17, 2014

    Garcia Marquez, Nobel laureate, dies at 87

    Mexico City Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel laureate whose novels and short stories exposed tens of millions of readers to Latin America's passion, superstition, violence and inequality, died at home in Mexico City on Thursday. He was 87.

    • 9:52 PM, Apr. 13, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Challenged books: 'Captain Underpants' doesn't sit well with some

    New York The potty humor of 'Captain Underpants' children's books and the mature exploration of race and family violence by Nobel laureate Toni Morrison in 'The Bluest Eye' would seem to have little in common.

    • 5:37 PM, Apr. 11, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Amazon's Fire TV plays games, but it's no console contender yet

    Amazon Fire is not a device designed by the company to go up against video game consoles, which can do much of the same. But Amazon is looking at the possibilities, hiring some big names in game design and buying a game studio.

    • 9:15 AM, Apr. 11, 2014

    Amazon to buy digital comics retailer comiXology

    Seattle Online retailer Amazon said Thursday its buying digital comics company comiXology for an undisclosed sum.

    • 10:16 PM, Apr. 8, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Chelsea author Laura Kasischke creates suspense with ninth novel

    If there was a perfect time to read a Laura Kasischke novel, it probably would be a chilly fall evening suffused with the smell of dead things, lit dimly by the fading November light.

    • 7:25 PM, Apr. 7, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Novelist Iles will headline book luncheon

    Greg Iles, author of 13 best-selling novels, will headline the Metro Detroit Book and Author Society's spring book luncheon, set for May 19 at Burton Manor.

    • 2:13 PM, Apr. 4, 2014

    Djubi leads the way in games that let kids blast away

    No matter how politically incorrect it is to play with things that shoot, the fact is that kids and plenty of adults love 'em. So here are some of our Spring faves.

    • 6:39 PM, Apr. 4, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Spring forward into some new books

    Spring is a great season for literature; the days get longer, which makes it seem as if there's more time to read. So here are five new titles, a sampling of what the season has in store.

    • 8:07 AM, Apr. 4, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Hasbro picks 5 'house rules' for new Monopoly set

    New York No rent collection while in jail, double the dough for landing on Go and clean out Free Parking if your luck takes you there are among five made-up Monopoly rules Facebook fans voted in for future editions of the board game.

    • 9:30 PM, Mar. 31, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Nerdageddon hosts day of gaming

    The Nerdageddon comics and cards shop in Brighton invites tabletop gamers to its Nerd-A-Game-Day event Saturday to play a variety of games old and new, one of several spots participating in International Tabletop Day.

  2. Red Wings legend Gordie Howe to release book in October

    The publisher says the book will be 'the definitive account' of Howe's life, starting with his birth in a farmhouse in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and delving into his extraordinary five-decade career.

    • 11:39 AM, Mar. 27, 2014
    • Books + Games

    'Gone With the Wind' prequel novel to focus on Mammy

    New York Decades after the publication of 'Gone With the Wind,' Mammy is finally getting a back story.

    • 9:19 PM, Mar. 23, 2014
    • Books + Games

    The real 'Captain Phillips' talks piracy and a bit of Hollywood

    Richard Phillips says having his ship, the Maersk Alabama, hijacked by Somali pirates was the most terrifying situation he had experienced in his 35-year ...

    • 9:19 PM, Mar. 23, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Review: 'Titanfall' a beauty and a beast of a game

    It's clear after spending a few days clashing with Titans that they've changed the game again, refreshing the static shoot-'em-up genre with this fabulously ...

    • 7:46 PM, Mar. 21, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Humorist Dave Barry still finds the funny in raising kids

    Humor columnist Dave Barry jokes he wanted to title his newest book 'Dave Barry: I Bet You Thought He Was Dead.'

    • 7:13 PM, Mar. 17, 2014
    • Books + Games

    'What the Word Be' author signs book at the Wright Thursday

    Diane Proctor Reeder, author of 'What the Word Be: Why Black English Is the King's (James) English,' will discuss and sign copies of her book at the Charles H. ...

    • 7:17 PM, Mar. 17, 2014

    App of the Week: Smash Hit

    Get your frustration out via this stress-releasing puzzle game in which the user simply smashes his way through various levels.

    • 1:42 PM, Mar. 14, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Review: 'Bigger Than the Game' recounts Dirk Hayhurst's life in baseball

    Behind the baseball stars are men who jump from team to team and live paycheck to paycheck, just hoping to grab a final roster spot and a fat per diem check. ...

    • 4:43 PM, Mar. 14, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Marvel adds 'Ultimate' digital Spider-Man

    Two years after launching Infinite digital comics, Marvel Entertainment said it plans to expand the line's offerings with all-ages titles for younger readers ...

    • 8:24 AM, Mar. 11, 2014
    • Books + Games

    New Anne Rice vampire book coming in October

    Lestat de Lioncourt is back from the dead. Anne Rice's first Vampire Chronicles book since 2003, 'Prince Lestat,' is scheduled to come out Oct. 28.

    • 8:34 AM, Mar. 11, 2014

    'Fatal Vision' author Joe McGinniss dies at age 71

    New York Joe McGinniss wasn't one to let a story tell itself.

  3. Rolling Stone Keith Richards to unveil children's picture book this fall

    New York Keith Richards is writing a children's book. He really is.

    • 3:50 PM, Mar. 7, 2014
    • Books + Games

    Review: What makes 'What Makes This Book So Great' so great? A love of reading

    What makes Jo Walton's new book, 'What Makes This Book So Great: Re-Reading the Classics of Science Fiction and Fantasy' ($26.99, Tor), so great indeed is that ...

  4. Author reflects on being a mom and a daughter

    Four years ago, I had the good fortune of interviewing author Kelly Corrigan when she was in town peddling her second book, 'Lift.' Her third, 'Glitter and ...

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