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  1. Thrill of speed redeems racing's risks for drivers, fans

    If one does not understand that exhilaration, if one does not feel a special something in the presence of high-technology automobiles traveling 217 mph down a straightaway in competition with the best drivers in the world, then one likely thinks of racing as merely 'driving around in a circle.'

  2. Joe Nathan right to apologize, but only saves will satisfy Tigers fans

    Saying you're sorry, no matter how heartfelt are the words, no matter how deeply you understood your offense, will do Joe Nathan little good with Detroit's baseball world.

Auto Critic

Scott is the auto critic for The Detroit News. While a journalist for more than 12 years, Scott has been a car nut all of his life. He learned to drive in his $200 1965 Baby Blue Plymouth Belvedere, with a three-speed on the tree. A Michigan native, he returned to Detroit in 2005, when he began working at The News as the assistant auto editor. His reviews appear every Wednesday in The News and online. He can be reached at or through his blog.

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  • Favorite auto critic: Dan Neil, LA Times.
  • Favorite car: Depends on what you need. But there's something for everyone.
  • When you see him: Ask him what he's driving, he'll probably let you sit in it.

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