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  1. It is now or never as a Lion for Nick Fairley

    Ndamukong Suh gave us a pretty good scouting report on fellow defensive tackle Nick Fairley. He is not blowing smoke when he says Fairley has more moves than the Pro Bowl superstar.

  2. Tony Harrison, Anthony Barnes eager to show boxing not dead in Detroit

    The world must wait to see the wonderful skills of Detroit boxer Tony Harrison. He was scheduled to make his national television debut on ESPN's 'Friday Night Boxing,' this week, but an injury required him to have his jaw wired shut

  3. Tigers fans have had their fill of Sloppy Joe

    What closer Joe Nathan does not understand is the fans want a World Series championship, and they've been chasing it longer in this town than he has.

  4. Pudge Rodriguez was cornerstone of current Tigers' success

    Rodriguez started the surge when he signed a five-year, $40 million contract in 2004, right after winning a World Series with the Marlins.

  5. Tiger Stadium fades further into history as Comerica Park builds memories

    In the 15 years since the opening of Comerica Park, there seems to be a softening. The place gets rave reviews from locals, especially young people, and people from around the country.

  6. Just like his idol, Tigers' Torii Hunter knows he's a role model

    Torii Hunter knows that somewhere, a young African-American boy is watching his every move on and off the baseball field. He knows because hewas that young kid. glued in front of the television watching Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson.

  7. U.S. soccer has bright future, if growing fan base any indication

    The rally failed Tuesday, and the Americans lost 2-1 in extra time. The days for U.S. soccer, however, are brighter after its showing at the World Cup advancing out of the 'Group of Death' and into the Round of 16.

  8. Another victory for U.S. in World Cup would really seal the deal

    If you are the United States soccer team and you care about the growth of the sport in this country, celebrating Wednesday's 1-0 loss is fine. But the goal is to see more of what played out at Campus Martias on Thursday.

  9. Sneaky Anibal Sanchez steps into Tigers' stopper role for now

    Anibal Sanchez stays under the radar and bashes opponents with a sneaky fastball and nice curveball. He even has two change-ups. One is a regular change-up and he has one called the butterfly that actually floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

  10. Tigers' slugger Victor Martinez puts premium on power, patience

    That just seems to be the way thing are going for Victor Martinez. When he's at the plate, something good usually happens.

  11. Even a dozen runs can't make Tigers victory something to cheer about

    Leave it to the Tigers to score a season-high 12 runs and walk out of Comerica Park feeling empty. This slump is not over even though the Tigers held on to beat the Minnesota Twins, 12-9, Saturday at Comerica Park.

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I've seen Detroit from every angle. I walked Woodward with my grandmother when this town thrived and watered down the roof of my house during the 1967 riots. This place is not perfect but it defines me.

I grew up reading Joe Falls and Jerry Green, and they inspired me to write commentary because I wanted to provide a different view of our world here.

This is my town and I invite you to share in my experiences by reading my stories and by daily Web log at

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