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  1. Slipshod Tigers concoct new ways to derail themselves

    Not surprisingly, Brad Ausmus stayed away from specifics when asked after Sunday's disaster what he might have said to the Tigers. They had just been embarrassed, 6-2, in a game that would have been canceled in the second inning had baseball's standards and practices police gotten their way.

  2. Miguel Cabrera's health leaves a dark cloud over Tigers' pennant push

    Nothing about his situation in 2014 has been clear or clearly explained. What we know is a superstar who has won three consecutive batting championships and who bashed 44 home runs in each of the past two seasons is today batting .300 with 17 home runs.

  3. Tigers seem to be losing big-league credentials

    The Tigers not only have lost their grip on first place, they appear this weekend to have lost their status as a big-league team. That's the degree of deterioration and pitching chaos they have experienced during the past 24 hours at Minnesota.

  4. Tigers don't whiff much on prized free agents, but this one stings

    Most times, the Tigers get their man. Tiger general manager Dave Dombrowski targets a pitcher or a hitter in July and figures out a way to bag his trophy. Friday, they lost.

  5. Tigers reportedly a finalist to land Rusney Castillo, but he's not an immediate solution

    The Tigers are finalists in the Rusney Castillo sweepstakes, according to information posted Wednesday on Twitter by Ken Rosenthal of

  6. Battered bullpen, anemic hitting make for a fatigued Tigers team

    It was assumed a team's psyches would be more like battlefield corpses. The Tigers have been slumping horribly and inexplicably since the All-Star break, and their bullpen has been battered and reviled.

  7. For a first-place team, Tigers sure make life hard on themselves

    Never in memory has a sports team from Detroit been in first place for so long and performed in such a fan-infuriating manner, a condition that didn't improve Saturday after the Tigers blew a lead in the ninth, ruined Max Scherzer's eight innings of artwork, and eventually lost in 10 innings, 3-2, to the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre.

  8. David Price dazzles, lives up to hype in Tigers' debut

    Price did his job. Marvelously, so. He pitched Tuesday night on a par with the extraordinary artist and left-handed starter he is, and for so many years has been, long before he joined the Tigers in last Thursday's thunderous deadline trade.

  9. Tigers fans giving manager Brad Ausmus a chance, for now

    Four months after he managed his first big-league game, Brad Ausmus can be looked at almost as a non-factor in the Tigers' 2014 season. That, by the way, is a good thing.

  10. Tigers likely want David Price for long haul, at the risk of bloated payroll

    The Tigers understood two realities Thursday when they replaced the Richter scale with the Dombrowski scale as a new means for measuring seismic activity, at least in terms of big-league baseball transactions.

Sports writer

Lynn Henning joined The Detroit News sports staff in 1979 after 3 years as a sports writer and columnist for the Lansing State Journal. A lifelong Michigan native (St. Johns) and a 1974 journalism graduate from Michigan State, Henning has specialized through the years in covering baseball, as well as Michigan and Michigan State, Lions and Red Wings, and in writing about the outdoors. Henning spent seven years during the 1990s as editor of PGA Magazine and as a writer for the national weekly, Golfweek.

Lynn Henning's favorites:

Favorite movie: Fargo
  • Favorite restaurant: Streetside Seafood, Birmingham
  • American hero: Thomas Jefferson
  • Favorite music: Jazz
  • Favorite shows and places away from sports and ESPN: Hardball with Chris Matthews; anything about World War II; HBO programs; History Channel; Sundance Channel.
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