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  1. J.D. Martinez showing Tigers he's got the write stuff

    With the music blasting in the Tigers clubhouse late Wednesday afternoon, and most of his teammates hitting the showers or grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading to the airport for the coming trip to Kansas City, J.D. Martinez sat in front of his locker — still in uniform — and grabbed a well-worn notebook and a pen.

  2. LeBron James keeps world on hold

    Four years after 'The Decision' held the league captive, King James is at it again, weighing his options and mulling his free-agent future while everyone else waits and wonders and shrieks and speculates and tweets and tracks flights in a vacuum created by his majesty's virtual silence.

  3. Red Wings would be better off dealing than signing with this free-agent crop

    The NHL's week-long 'courting period' begins Wednesday. And Red Wings general manager Ken Holland says he and coach Mike Babcock will be busy talking with agents and players, trying to 'sell them on our program.'

  4. Undrafted rookie Chad Abram counts on making Lions notice him

    Abram is an undrafted rookie with precious little time to prove himself, thanks in part to the NFL's decision to hold its annual draft two weeks later this year. What's more, in today's NFL, with offseason restrictions in place to protect the players' health, Abram was also a fullback with no one to hit, and a runner with no one to tackle him once he arrived.

  5. Area's growing soccer base shares in USA jubilation

    For fans looking to soak up the World Cup atmosphere — and maybe a shirt or two — Thomas Magee's probably is the perfect place to start in Detroit, though it's hardly the only one.

  6. U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann tempers expectations, but he's building a winner

    Their coach says they can't do it. Their country might not truly care unless they do. So for the United States men's soccer team, the stakes are oddly ambiguous.

  7. Verlander remains upbeat but Tigers' performance speaks for itself

    The final score was 7-3 in this matinee affair, marking the Tigers' season-high fifth consecutive loss and 13th in their last 17 games. The final pitching line for Verlander wasn't pretty, either.

  8. Nick Fairley is leaner, Lions hope he's meaner

    Fairley was back this week after taking time off following surgery to help treat sleep apnea. Adenoids removed, he says he's already feeling the difference — better rest, more energy — and had everyone raving about his slimmed-down look at Tuesday's workout.

  9. Belle Isle also comes out a big winner in weekend of racing

    The fountain is flowing again, and Gov. Rick Snyder was understandably glowing Sunday, as Michigan showed off its newest state park as the backdrop for the 2014 Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.

Sports Writer

Before becoming a sports columnist, John was the News' Lions beat writer. He has covered the last three Olympics for the News and served as the beat writer covering the Red Wings -- including every playoff game during three Stanley Cup runs -- as well as college football and hockey.

John's favorites:

  • Favorite sports venue: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif. -- Postcard view, perfect weather, and a football tradition that still means something, BCS be damned.
  • Least favorite sports venue: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Fla. -- This is why kids play Nintendo these days.
  • Favorite sporting event, journalist: Game 4, 1997 Stanley Cup Finals -- After 42 years, it was about time, eh?
  • Favorite sporting event, spectator: 1998 World Cup in France -- Vive le pastis!
  • Favorite athlete interview: Igor Larionov -- Talked about a lot more than hockey with the "Professor"
  • Favorite movies: "Rushmore," "Caddyshack," "Harold and Maude"
  • Favorite quote: "How about a Fresca?" -- Judge Smails
  • Favorite restaurant: Local -- Streetside Cafe, Birmingham; Anywhere -- Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn (Big Sur, Calif.)
  • Favorite drinking establishment: Tom's Tavern (7 Mile and Wyoming, Detroit) -- Tom's gone, but Ron has kept the light on and the roof's holding steady.

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