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  1. This tomato pie just too good to wait for

    And while I try to wait out the season and get my tomato fix from my own plants, when I saw this recipe for tomato pie from cookbook author Ian Knaur, I knew I couldn't wait.

  2. Corn doesn't have to be on the cob to be delicious

    Corn recipes are abundant this time of year, but for my taste, the simpler the better. Sauteed corn with summer vegetables, studded with black beans and spiked with jalapeno, makes a terrific side dish to grilled chicken or pork.

  3. Jalapeno, tequila give limeade a summer kick

    Limeade spiked with jalapeno is thirst quenching, yes, but with marvelous flavors. Grab some at Mudgie's Authentic Artisan Deli or make this version at home.

  4. Toss old bread into this salad, Tuscan-style

    This recipe makes an incredibly delicious and satisfying salad one that can even be used as a light main course and is perfect for hot summer nights. Serve with a crisp white wine.

  5. Baked beans, brisket top off a great holiday weekend

    Need a quick side dish? Instead of opening a can of baked beans and doctoring them, use Great Northern beans and spike them with whatever's available (sans ketchup), along with some crispy, crumbled bacon.

  6. Apricots taste just peachy in a cherry compote

    Everyone has a favorite fruit and mine is the apricot (next is the peach). Apricots are so wonderful in a pork dish, rice dish and with couscous, but as I have an incurable sweet tooth, I always think first about using them in desserts.

  7. Pork marinade puts sparkle in 4th of July

    Celebrate the holiday with a cookout featuring pork skewered for kebabs with surprise ingredients: Radishes and poblanos are added to the lineup to create a terrific taste and texture.

  8. Green beans sparkle in a Fourth of July salad

    One delicious way to conquer the pathetic potato dish is to add some crisp green beans for color, crunch and flavor, and a handful of fresh herbs and some lemon zest to bring out the picnic fireworks long before dark.

  9. 'Angry' pasta is sure to delight for dinner

    The recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbook authors, Michele Scicolone, in her newest book, 'The Italian Vegetable Cookbook,' and is called 'angry' thanks to the addition of crushed red pepper.

  10. Peppers pop with flavor in baked chilies rellenos

    Steven Raichlen's version of chilies rellenos in his newest book 'Man Made Meals' looked so wonderful I knew it was time to try making them myself.

Detroit News Food Writer

Kate Lawson is The Detroit News' food writer. She writes two weekly columns, Simply the Best, which appears every Thursday in Food & Drink and Friday in the HomeStyle section as well as food-related stories about cooking and baking trends, nutrition, the latest tools, professional chefs and even home cooks. Kate has also served as judge for the Pillsbury Bake-Off and the National Chicken Cook-Off.

More on Kate Lawson

  • Favorite cooking magazine: Bon Appetit
  • Favorite cooking tool: hand blender
  • Favorite cookbook author: Donna Hay
  • Latest favorite cookbook: "Apples for Jam" by Tessa Kiros
  • Favorite comfort food: pasta
  • Cooking advice: Buy the best chef's knife you can afford. You will never regret it.

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