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  1. Rand Paul hiring top Mich. GOP strategist

    Lansing — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is hiring a top Michigan Republican political strategist to help steer his national political action committee — the precursor of a likely 2016 presidential campaign.

    • 11:46 PM, Jul. 24, 2014
    • Politics-State

    $10 minimum wage off Michigan ballot

    Michigan voters won't see a $10.10-an-hour minimum wage proposal on the Nov. 4 general election ballot, the state's election board decided Thursday after rejecting proponents' petitions because they contain too many duplicate signatures.

    • 1:36 PM, Jul. 24, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Michigan Democratic Party makes complaints over source of Land's campaign funds

    Lansing The Michigan Democratic Party on Thursday lodged two election complaints against Republican Terri Lynn Land, seeking answers to questions related to the personal wealth she's using to help bankroll her U.S. Senate campaign as well as ties to a family business.

  2. Michigan board to consider minimum wage, wolf ballot issues

    Lansing — Michigan's elections board will consider whether supporters of a minimum wage increase and wolf hunting collected enough voter signatures for proposals to advance to legislators and possibly a statewide vote.

  3. Insurers owe nearly $13.2M in refunds in Michigan

    Lansing — The federal government says more than 184,000 Michigan health insurance customers will benefit from nearly $13.2 million in refunds because of a provision of the nation's health care law.

    • Jul. 24, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Democrat Schauer admits voting in '12 GOP presidential primary

    Lansing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer admitted today he voted Republican in Michigan's 2012 presidential primary, but declined to say whom he voted for.

  4. Political Insider: GOP staffer doesn't get answer he's looking for from Mich. Democratic Party chair

    Of all the footage that has surfaced from the Michigan Republican Party's hidden camera operation spying on Democrats, there haven't been any embarrassing moments for Democratic candidates and officials — yet.

  5. Democratic Party releases footage it says came from Mich. GOP 'spies' targeting candidates

    The Democratic Party on Tuesday released more footage it uncovered from a hidden camera scheme the Michigan Republican Party has been operating against state Democratic candidates.

    • 6:59 PM, Jul. 22, 2014
    • Politics-State

    District 27 state representative candidate submits petitions to get pot initiatives on ballot

    Huntington Woods —A state representative hopeful said Tuesday he has delivered on his promise to get the marijuana issue on local ballots of his district by this fall.

    • 11:42 PM, Jul. 22, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Attacks by Land, Peters in Mich. Senate race focus on spending

    GOP Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land launched a new campaign ad Tuesday accusing her Democratic rival Rep. Gary Peters of being a 'roadblock' to Michigan.

    • 3:43 PM, Jul. 18, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Schauer: GOP spying incident shows momentum against Snyder

    Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer said today the Michigan Republican Party's admitted use of hidden camera 'spyglasses' to secretly record a private fundraiser shows his campaign is gaining momentum against Gov. Rick Snyder.

    • 11:31 PM, Jul. 18, 2014
    • Politics-State

    U.S. Rep. Conyers honored at WSU law school

    U.S. Rep. John Conyers was honored Friday in a ceremony at Wayne State University Law School for his contribution to a collection honoring the legal history of African-Americans.

  6. Flags lowered for ex-Michigan Lt. Gov. Binsfeld

    Gov. Rick Snyder has called for the lowering of U.S. flags at state buildings in memory of former Lt. Gov. Connie Binsfeld.

  7. In Michigan Democratic primary, candidate's GOP donation raises controversy

    In fiercely competitive state legislative primaries, nothing stings more than suggesting one's opponent has helped the enemy.

    • 3:51 PM, Jul. 16, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Video: Republicans caught using spy glasses at Schauer campaign fundraiser

    For the third time this year, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer is accusing Republicans of attempting to spy on his campaign.

  8. Michigan lawmaker plans bill to reinstate fireworks ban

    A lawmaker is planning to introduce legislation this week that would reverse Michigan's decision to legalize louder, more powerful fireworks.

    • 11:20 PM, Jul. 16, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Lawmaker introduces bills to regulate cellphone trackers in Michigan

    Cellular tracking devices used by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office could come under state regulation if lawmakers pass two bills introduced Wednesday.

    • 6:57 AM, Jul. 16, 2014
    • Politics-State

    New Land Senate ad emphasizes Michigan heritage

    Washington Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land is unveiling a new 30-second television ad Wednesday, emphasizing Michigan's industrial and automotive history and ...

    • 5:23 PM, Jul. 15, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Snyder leads Schauer by 8.6 percentage points in statewide poll

    Gov. Rick Snyder continues to lead Democratic challenger Mark Schauer in a new statewide poll, but one political handicapping publication has deemed the race ...

  9. Michigan to hear from public on fracking rules

    Gaylord — Michigan officials are holding two public hearings on state hydraulic fracturing rules.

    • 12:53 PM, Jul. 15, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Maggots in food at Ohio prison among new complaints against Aramark

    Columbus, Ohio — Maggots in food, staffing shortages and reports of running out of foods are among new complaints facing the vendor that won the contract to ...

  10. Michigan says CIA owes state over $20,000 in taxes

    Lansing — The Michigan Treasury Department says the CIA has failed to pay more than $20,000 owed in state income taxes.

    • 9:08 AM, Jul. 11, 2014

    Enrollment in Michigan Medicaid expansion exceeds 322K

    Lansing More people have enrolled in Medicaid's expansion in less than four months than were expected to sign up in the entire first year of the program, the Snyder ...

    • 4:45 PM, Jul. 10, 2014
    • Politics-State

    GOP Senate majority leader supports anti-discrimination law to cover gays

    Lansing Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said Thursday he personally supports expanding Michigan's anti-discrimination law to cover sexual orientation.

    • 6:33 PM, Jul. 10, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Snyder has 'serious concerns' about private food contract at state prisons

    Lansing — A food contract for Michigan's prison system may be in danger after a Gov. Rick Snyder spokeswoman said Thursday '

  11. Political Insider: In Democratic primary fight, Republican becomes a target

    Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence is trying to raise her profile in the contested Democratic primary for the 14th Congressional District by dragging a ...

    • 5:52 PM, Jul. 9, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Snyder, Schauer campaigns ramp up TV ad buys

    In a sign of the coming onslaught of political television advertising this fall, the campaigns supporting Republican Gov.

    • 12:09 PM, Jul. 7, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Tea party fights to hang on to gains in Michigan

    After making seismic gains in 2010, tea party-backed congressional Republicans now are playing defense in Michigan.

    • 1:14 PM, Jul. 7, 2014
    • Politics-State

    Snyder, Miller take differing approaches on housing of refugees in Michigan

    The two differ on what should be done with the refugees who make it into the country, some of whom could end up at a private facility in the Thumb-area ...

  12. Political insider: Campaign committee worthy of thy name

    As the election season starts to fire up, the Insider has found its favorite Michigan legislative campaign committee name so far.

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