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  1. Surviving through age 18 in Detroit

    The consequences of premature births and violence are killing Detroit kids at a higher rate than any U.S. city its size or larger. This two-day report on child deaths in Detroit by Detroit News reporter Karen Bouffard was produced as a project for the National Health Journalism Fellowship, a program of the University of Southern Californiaís Annenberg School of Journalism.

  2. Six decades: A Detroit News special report

    The Detroit News is spotlighting the decade-by-decade changes in the city through Lakewood Street. The block in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood near the border of Grosse Pointe Park was shaped by many of the issues that hit Detroit: race, job loss, crime and civic corruption.

  3. Detroit voices: How residents feel about their city

    This three-day series is based on a poll of Detroiters' attitudes about their city and leadership, commissioned by The Detroit News and funded by the Thompson Foundation. The survey provided a rare, statistically sound measure of public opinion in a city traditionally difficult to accurately poll.

  4. The Grand Experiment: Lopping the family budget

    How hard is it to trim $1,000 from the family's monthly budget? Personal finance columnist Brian O'Connor conducts a 10-week experiment.

  5. General Motors, 100 years old and counting

    One hundred years ago, carriage maker William "Billy" Durant placed a big bet on the fledgling auto industry in the early 1900s and created General Motors Corp. Riding America's rise as a superpower, GM went on to dominate the automobile industry for decades, producing some iconic cars and trucks, as well as numerous safety, marketing and technological advances. Explore this special section as we examine GM's first century.

  6. South of the equator, Ford and GM prosper

    For U.S. automakers, South America is an island of profitability that's helping to offset their troubles in North America.

  7. Special report: Maxed out on prison spending

    It costs $5 million a day, or $2 billion a year, to run Michigan's prison system, whose population stands at 50,200 and is projected to top 56,000 within five years. Michiganís incarceration rate is 31 percent higher than the Midwest average.

  8. Detroit tax breaks go to the well-heeled

    A little-known city committee empowered to give property tax exemptions to needy residents has awarded tax breaks worth thousands of dollars to apparently well-to-do homeowners.

  9. Where we stand, 4 decades after that fateful summer

    The unrest that began July 23, 1967, became a symbol of Detroit as a deeply divided city and continued to fuel white flight to the suburbs. By 2000, Metro Detroit had become the nation's most segregated region, according to a Detroit News analysis of census data.

  10. Woodward: A journey through 200 years

    The northward-bound thoroughfare has been the barometer of Metro Detroit's culture, economy and society for two centuries, from the days when Indians walked the dirt path to Detroit's rebirth after the fire of 1805 through the golden days of the mid-20th century to the highs and lows of recent decades.

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