Jack Roush is known for flying vintage P-51 Mustang aircraft, for the success of his auto racing teams, for Roush Mustangs and other automotive engineering exercises.

And now Roush Performance is available not only on the land and in the air, but on the water as well with the launch of the Supra SE 550 Roush Edition wake boat, which was unveiled last week at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.

Launched with the boat — in fact, towing the boat into the show — was the newest Roush supercharged Raptor Ford F-150 pickup, which rides on a Fox 2.0 Performance suspension system, 20-inch Mickey Thompson Baja tires, has a Roush Performance side-exit exhaust and is the first equipped with the new Roush Active Exhaust system.

“The 2016 Roush edition takes everything our customers love about Supra and supercharges it,” said Rick Tinker, president of Skier’s Choice, the manufacturer of Supra and Moomba wakeboard and wakesurf boats.

“We took what was already a superior boat and added Roush looks and legacy,” said Gary Jurick, president of Plymouth-based Roush Performance. “Along with our powerful engine to give watersports enthusiasts an extra kick, we added refined touches to the interior and exterior to make the Supra SE 550 Roush Edition a unique owner’s experience.”

Well, almost unique, since a limited-edition of only 25 such boats will be produced for the launch year.

Don Manfredi, Roush Performance vice president, said that Roush worked with Indmar Marine Engines of Tennessee to “marineize” the Roush-supercharged 6.2-liter Ford V8 engine.

“We dialed back the horsepower a little and dialed up the torque a little,” Manfredi said, noting that for water sports, torque is needed to generate the sort of pulling power desired to produce a ride-worthy wake.

According to Roush and Indmar, the “Roushcharged Indmar Raptor 575” engine is the first emissions-certified catalyzed supercharged inboard in the boating industry, and the first to apply Roush technology to the water. It is also the most powerful marine engine with which Indmar has been involved.

For marine use, the engine provides 561 horsepower and 580 pound-feet of torque. Justin Burke of Tennessee-based Skier’s Choice, Inc., said the Roush supercharged Raptor Ford V-8 is plenty strong enough to handle the increased passenger capacity and the ballast of a modern wake boat.

He said the Supra usually retails for $120,000 but that the Roush version with its power and upgrades will be priced at $155,000.

The boat also features a competition hull designed to increase wake size and stability, the Supra Launch System to reduce drag in the water and increase acceleration, the Supra Vision Touch System for enhanced navigation, an industry-first integrated column and steering-wheel control system for ease of driving, and the Roush “hockey stick” body stripe designed into the gel coat, race-inspired details on the boat and trailer, which rides on 18-inch cast aluminum wheels with Roush center caps.

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