Ten months ago, an automotive website posted a scoop: Ford would reintroduce the Jeep-like Bronco for the 2016 model year. Now that it’s 2015 and automakers can introduce their 2016 models, I’ve had a surprising number of people ask me when they can buy the new Bronco.

They’ve even asked if they should buy now or wait a year or two until the Bronco Raptor becomes available.

But what so many failed to notice was that the original report of the Bronco’s return was published on April 1. It was an April Fool’s Day prank. Nonetheless, there apparently is so much pent-up demand — and it’s not just the Ford faithful; I’ve even had Jeep owners ask — for such a vehicle that wishful thinking became ready-to-write-a-check belief.

Are Ford product planners missing a great opportunity here? Perhaps, though I’ve been assured by a Ford spokesman that the Bronco isn’t coming for 2016, or for any other year in the even relatively immediate future.

In the meantime, old Broncos are turning up at classic car auctions, or you can even buy a brand-new Bronco body and build your own, and there are plenty of companies eager to supply the parts you need.

We wrote here last year about Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard, the Brighton-based company that sells parts for Broncos and, each spring, hosts its Broncorama cruise-in for Bronco owners.

We also took notice of all the Broncos being used to showcase new at the recent SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show. Maxxis tires had a much-modified, 500-horsepower ready-for desert racing 1968 Bronco on its stand. Ford invited LGE*CDTS Motorsports to show its ’66 as part of the automaker’s outdoor vehicle display. Off-road parts distributor Sport Truck USA Inc. of Goldwater had a Bronco on its stand, so did Fox shocks and off-roading parts manufacturer Kilby Enterprises.

And to celebrate its 40th anniversary, family-owned Skyjacker Suspensions of West Monroe, Louisiana, teamed with several businesses, including toy-maker Matchbox, to build the “Real Size Edition” 1976 Ford Bronco 4x4. Matchbox is producing the toy-sized version of this Bronco.

The Skyjacker Bronco introduces the suspension company’s new Softride coils designed, which it says are created for “classic” Ford off-roaders who want improved ride quality but also extreme service life. The new Softride coils are available in 5-inch lift kits. Skyjacker also makes its original-style coils for 5-inch lifts and its original variable-rate coils for 3-inch lifts. It also produces Softride coils for use on Jeeps.

Details on the Skyjacker coils are available at

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