Lincoln Motor Co. is tapping legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz to help market its new Continental flagship sedan.

Leibovitz — famous for her portraits of celebrities for magazines like Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone — has never before tried her hand at car photography. But Lincoln selected her for a new photo series, “That’s Continental,” that began running earlier this month in high-end print publications.

“Annie Leibovitz is a photographer of substance,” said Kumar Galhotra, vice president and president of Lincoln. “The rich, warm emotions her photos evoke, mirror the feelings we want our clients to experience on all their journeys in the new Lincoln Continental.”

The photos in the series were shot in and around New York City. They feature a small group of non-professional models, including an actor, artist, musician and a film director, along with his dog, Seven.

Lincoln had originally wanted six shots for the series, but Leibovitz delivered 13 that “tell a story with a nice backdrop of rural and urban – and all decidedly unconventional in terms of car photography,” according to Lincoln group marketing manager John Emmert.

Ford has sold 775 Continentals since their introduction last month, according to the company’s most recent sales data.

The flagship sedan features three engine options and spacious interior. It was the first Lincoln vehicle to be featured with the brand’s new mesh grille.

Emmert said the company is using this particular theme because “it suggests a continental approach to life, as well. Being curious, being confident, wanting to know more … it’s the embodiment of Lincoln.”


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