Just ask Marc and Sarah Benkoff and they'll tell you that "the low rider rides a little lower. The low rider is a real goer."

The Benkoffs of Oak Park seem to be one of the few low riders cruising on Woodward, hopping their way down M-1 in a gleaming $100,000 1961 Chevrolet Impala that looks like it's straight out of East L.A.

"Actually, I bought the car in Los Angeles because I wanted a car that was solid from the frame on up," said Benkoff, who has a painting and contracting business.

"The car was $40,000 and then I poured a lot more money into it by having hydraulics installed in the trunk."

The Benkoffs belong to USO (it means "brother" in Samoan), a low-rider car club with about 500 members around the world.

"People love it when we make the car hop," said Sarah Benkoff, a supervisor at a children's center.

"We've owned it for seven years and it's been six years since the hydraulics were installed. The entire underside of the car is chrome."

Marc Benkoff decided he wanted a low rider after watching "The Boys in the Hood" when he was 16.

"The car was filled with low riders," Benkoff said.

"I took one look and that was it for me"

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