Cruising veteran Glenn Bradford of Redford Township said he's taken to Woodward Avenue every year since the Dream Cruise began.

"I've seen it grow to this and it's pretty amazing," Bradford said Saturday in Birmingham as he stood beside his special edition gold 1978 Trans Am.

"I did my cruising this morning when you could drive. Otherwise, you're just stuck in traffic. You're not cruising, you're idling."

Bradford, 50, said he purchased his Trans Am at 19 years old in 1984.

"I've had it ever since and I doubt I'm ever going to get rid of it," he said.

High gas prices coupled with the car's eight miles-per-gallon average mean Bradford rarely drives it, he said. Instead, he hits the Dream Cruise annually and also frequents various other car shows in the area.

His interests range from the Trans Am to 1963 Corvettes, and more.

"I'm Pontiac-partial, but other than that, basically older cars," he said. "I'm into the old muscle-car generation."

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