The couple's 1959 Vette an every day driver


Ask and Mike and Joyce Woodgate will tell you without hesitation that they are Corvette people.

And then they'll point with pride to their jet black 1959 Vette that looks sleek and slinky as a panther.

"We've had it for 20 years now," said Mike, a semi-retired CPA.

"And this is no trailer car, we use it as an every-day driver."

"In fact, we've driven it to Florida three times now," Joyce said.

Residents of Highland Township, Mike and Joyce cruised Friday night and were out bright and early Saturday morning after a bracing breakfast at the Hilton Road Cafe, just a heartbeat or two east of Woodward.

"We also own a second classic Corvette...well, it's sort of a classic," Mike said.

"It's a special 2003 Vette altered to look like a 1953 Corvette. It's a 50th anniversary production piece produced by the Magna Corporation."

The Woodgates keep that Vette in Florida.

"We call it our '53 Vette on steroids.'"

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