Grey Ghost is a meat-centric restaurant and cocktail bar coming to Midtown near Brush Park in the spring.

The new business comes from chefs John Vermiglio and Josef Giacomino. Both started their culinary careers in Chicago. Giacomino is a Madison, Wisconsin, native. Vermiglio has local roots; he grew up in suburban Detroit.

Details of the exact location and menu are forthcoming, but we do know that the chefs have nabbed Selden Standard bartender Will Lee to be Grey Ghost’s beverage director and partner. David Vermiglio is also a partner.

The restaurant is named after the legend of a rum-running pirate on the Detroit River.

A preview pop-up dinner will be held at Hamtramck’s Yemans Street on Dec. 4. The $75, five-course meal is indeed meat-centric and focuses on products of the cow: veal tongue, short rib, steak and a cow’s milk sorbet for dessert.

This dinner is one of the first in a series called Ghost Tour, with each meal featuring a different animal. Visit to reserve a seat.

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