New to the area, cafe owners Jono and Chelsie Brymer opened Promenade Artisan Foods in Trenton to better connect with their community.

Chelsie, a Michigan native, met Jono in Nashville when she was in school and he was working as a musician. Since then they’ve moved around a bit, gotten married, had three children and are now living in Trenton. They opened a European-style cafe and bakery as a way to integrate themselves to the area where they wanted to plant roots.

“Our greatest passion is the community and the people.” said Chelsie. “The food is our vehicle. We needed a way to connect to the community because this is our family now.”

The Brymers bought a house in Trenton about a year and a half ago and began crafting made-from-scratch baked goods to sell wholesale at markets around the area. After renovating the space themselves, they debuted the Promenade cafe on Jefferson in June.

Chelsie tells me that since opening in Trenton they’ve been “so warmly received.” With a nearly perfect rating on social media (not an easy feat, especially for a new business) and a packed house during lunch time, it’s plain to see that Promenade is offering the area something it may have been lacking. During a recent visit to the cafe, I noticed every table was full, with some groups sharing larger tables with others. The kids’ play area in the corner makes Promenade a family-friendly lunch spot without preservatives or a clown mascot.

The order-and-payment system at Promenade is designed to make guests feel like they can take their time. Seat yourself, then order coffee, baked goods or lunch at the counter. A staff member brings you the order. Repeat as necessary until you’re done, then pay at the counter.

“We do that so you feel like you own the table for as long as you want,” said Chelsie. “If you haven’t paid yet, you feel like it’s still your time ... you’re not rushed out.”

The service and atmosphere are nice, but the quality of the food is just as notable.

The Brymers stress that everything is made from scratch, including the bread used to make the sandwiches. For the pastries, imported butter and chocolate are used for a more authentic European taste.

Favorites among the changing menu of five to six quiches are bacon-tomato-feta and zucchini-Parmesan. The baked goods could include cookies, brownies, macarons, scones, muffins, sticky buns or even Nutella “pop-tarts.” Their popular croissants often sell out, and Chelsie says the sea salt chocolate chip cookie has a cult-like following.

There are also salads, sandwiches, soup and a Saturday brunch.

It is a cafe, though, so let’s talk about the coffee. Cold brew, pour over and French press are all available, but if you drink one thing here, let it be the Promenade. This $4 coffee drink is made with Chazzano premium coffee that’s lightly sweetened with maple syrup and topped with gently whipped cream.

Jono is able to incorporate his musical talent into the business, as well. Sometimes on Friday nights Promenade hosts live music with Jono and others. Chelsie says they’re hoping to offer music every Friday night in the future.

Promenade Artisan Foods, 2627 W. Jefferson in Trenton, is open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tues.-Fri. and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat. Call (313) 510-3282.

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