Just over a year after opening, creative lunch spot Stache International is ready for its next act after acquiring a liquor license.

An actual bar is being built now inside the Eastern Market restaurant, and co-owner Ray Moses said they expect to be able to serve cocktails in a matter of a few weeks.

The drink menu will feature beverages that are more lighthearted than the craft drinks that are trending at restaurants right now. One drink, for example, will feature “street fair lemonade” – lemons, water and sugar – with Tito’s vodka and one big ice cube made of Faygo red pop. This way as the ice melts, the drink’s flavor changes.

“It’s pretty straightforward, but a little different, which is what our sandwiches are like” says Stache owner Ray Moses, who adds that he’s “desperately” trying to work cotton candy into a cocktail some how, too.

“The drinks are going to be a little more stuff that fits the atmosphere of the farmers market, but kind of ties into our circus vibe, too.”

Besides a full selection of liquor, the forthcoming bar will also serve beer in bottles and cans and a a wine selection that will include local, seasonal mead.

While the colorful restaurant has a bit of circus vibe decor-wise (the new bar will feature spray-painted carousel horses), the menu still focuses on the “international.”

The wings have Mediterranean spices. A Greek sandwich named “Uncle Jesse” has marinated lamb, melted kasseri cheese and tzatziki sauce. The Bavarian rolls are a favorite, with melted Swiss cheese, smoked ham and a dill pickle wrapped in an egg roll and served with mustard and sauerkraut.

Once the bar opens Stache will kick off later hours – they’re thinking 10 p.m. during the week and midnight on the weekends – but the menu will stick with sandwiches made with house-smoked meats, salads and creative appetizers.

Moses says that they also hope to start having live music at Stache, which is housed in a former slaughter house from the late 1880s and also had a life as an art gallery and bike shop. He’s looking to book some unique musicians – “fun stuff” possibly with a circus or tiki vibe –and he’s considering hosting rock shows as well.

Stache International, which delivers to the Eastern Market, Corktown, Downtown and Midtown areas, is at 1420 E. Fisher in Detroit. Call (313) 974-6895.

(313) 222-2402

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