The two rappers allegedly fought outside of a Miami nightclub on Sunday night


Drake and Diddy scrap in Miami

Rap fight! Drake and Diddy reportedly got into an altercation Sunday night while the two were partying at a club in Miami, several outlets reported on Monday. The two stars got into it over a business matter, reportedly relating to a rights clearance, according to Page Six. It happened outside of the LIV nightclub, witnesses say, and Diddy was heard telling the Toronto rapper, "You will never disrespect me!" before walloping Drake in the head. TMZ says Drake was stunned but not knocked out. In an era of cell phones and security cameras, it seems like only a matter of time before footage of the fight trickles out, and it shouldn't be long before one of the rappers comments on the incident.

Film Office approves five projects

The Michigan Film Office announced the approval of five new projects on Monday, awarding incentive funds to "Preachers of Detroit," "Mickey Matson and the Helm of Darkness," "Destined," "Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon" and "1-to-1 Fan." Of the properties, Oxygen Media's "Preachers of Detroit" is projected to spend the most in the state, and will receive more than $400,000 in credits on $1.3 million of expenditures. The other projects will receive a combined $643,000 in credits on $2.16 million in expenditures, according to the Film Office. In all, 27 projects were approved by the Film Office in Fiscal Year 2014, and were awarded $63.7 million in credits on $245 million of in-state spending, creating more than 2,100 hires and a full time equivalent of almost 1,300 jobs, according to the Film Office.

Leo parties with harem of models

"Wolf of Wall Street" star and King of Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly partied it up in Miami on Sunday night, and was seen by a New York Daily News tipster leaving a South Beach nightclub with not one, not two, but 20 women, emptying the club's VIP section. "He was overflowing with models everywhere," the Leo spy told the paper, adding, "he is my hero."

Lucas passes on 'Star Wars' trailer

Everyone has seen the trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" by now, right? Not George Lucas. "I don't know anything about it. I haven't seen it yet," the "Star Wars" creator told Page Six about the trailer, which has been seen online more than 72 million times since it was released on Black Friday. He's reportedly waiting to watch it in the theater, as soon as he gets over himself.

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