Kid Rock doubles down on flag

It doesn't look like the controversy over

Kid Rock

's use of the Confederate flag will end anytime soon, after his response to Fox News on Friday. He invited protesters to kiss his posterior, using a colorful phrase. He was referring to the protests earlier this week outside the Detroit Historical Museum, where the Kid Rock Music Lab is located.

Sam Riddle

, political director of the Michigan chapter of the National Action Network, was among the protesters, who demanded a boycott of the museum if they didn't remove Kid Rock's name. Riddle called the banner "a flag that represents genocide to most of Detroit."

Dr. Funkenstein honored by city of Detroit

George Clinton was to receive a testimonial resolution at his Chene Park concert Friday night from Detroit's City Council, presented by council president Brenda Jones. It's the first time Clinton has received the honor from the city. Earlier in the day, Jones released this statement: "George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic is one of Detroit's most iconic musicians ... He has changed the game of music as we know it, and the sound of the 'Mothership' was created right here in our city."

"It means a lot to be honored in Detroit," Clinton said in a statement. "We came to Detroit back in the '60s to be a part of the Motown music that was going on. We stayed in Detroit during the Funkadelic era, and we garnered several hits after Motown. I'm proud to be a part of Detroit." The honor "makes me feel a lot better," Clinton said. "(Jones) couldn't have picked a better time to acknowledge me because I'm going through something with the copyrights of the music we've made."

'Godfather of Techno' to share his secrets

Detroit techno icon Juan Atkins will conduct a "DJ crash course" at the Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME), 1265 Griswold in downtown Detroit from 7-10 p.m. Aug. 10-13. A limited number of students will benefit from Atkin's expertise in signal flow, setup, blending, beat matching and performing live, among other topics. Equipment will be provided for the four master class sessions. Tuition is $299. To enroll in "Spin Masters 101: DJ Crash Course w/Juan Atkins," contact DIME at (313) 223-1600 or email

Saturday's birthdays

Richie Sambora, 56

Giorgio Armani, 81

Lil' Kim, 41

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