Actress Debbie Morgan reveals all

Actress Debbi Morgan (she played Dr. Angie Hubbard on “All My Children”) dazzled an audience of 200 at Detroit’s N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art on Sunday performing excerpts from her autobiographical one-woman show, “The Monkey on My Back.” The actress and an ensemble cast from the upcoming TV One feature film, “Royal Family Thanksgiving,” including Vivica A. Fox, Richard Lawson (with wife, Tina Knowles, aka Beyoncé’s mom, in tow) offered readings and performances at an engaging event to benefit the N’Namdi Atelier course program.

Morgan talked a lot about her four husbands, especially “husband number two.” Although she didn’t name him, his identity was soon revealed. “Husband number two was not very handsome, but had a great personality ... It turns out, he had been in prison for robbing a bank and committing manslaughter. I learned that from a news magazine.” With that, she held up a copy of “People” with actor Charles S. Dutton on the cover. She also talked about an affair she had with a singer in Las Vegas, then introduced “husband number four,” Jeffrey Winston, sitting in the front row, as she claimed freedom from a cycle of abusive relationships (the “monkey on her back”). Morgan hopes to bring a full-length performance of “The Monkey on My Back” to Detroit in the near future.

‘Land of the Outlaws’ wraps in Grand Rapids

Filming for the TV series pilot “Land of the Outlaws” wrapped up recently in Grand Rapids, with a particularly Michigancentric cast and crew. Among the Detroiters: actors Otis Bassett (of Detroit’s Osborn High) and Jimmy Doom. The story takes place in 2046, when a pandemic has created an apocalyptic sort of world in which gun-toting lawmen run the roost — some good, some questionable. Bassett plays “Tug,” and Doom, a punk singer turned actor, plays a particularly scruffy character named Wild Bill Brukowski, with an epic reddish beard. Doom also happens to be the son of Molly Abraham, whom readers know well for her Detroit News restaurant reviews.

Is Wild Bill a good guy or bad? “There’s a ton of gray area with the lawmen,” Doom said. “I'm no sweetheart, but am I truly good or bad?” There’s still a lot of post-production work to be done on the pilot before a pickup will happen.

An Italian-American wedding

Some 250 people witnessed the Saturday wedding of Marianna “Mimi” Cutraro and Andrew Spicer in a simple ceremony at Birmingham’s Shain Park. After the vows, guests were led by musicians across the street to the Townsend Hotel, where an Italian feast was prepared and served by Chef Luciano DelSignore and his crack team from Bacco Ristorante, although Mimi’s parents, Nino and Liz Cutraro, happen to own Bella Piatti, another of Metro Detroit’s most popular Italian bistros. As guests were seated for dinner, Daddy Nino offered a whimsically sincere toast to the happy couple, topped off with a surprise videotaped message from his friend, actor Mark Wahlberg.

Wahlberg, with a hearty glass of red in front of him, congratulated the couple and said: “I wish I could be there in Detroit and also in Sicily on your big day.” Sicily was indeed the next destination for some 70 wedding guests and the wedding party, who headed overseas for a second celebration of the marriage Wednesday.

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