What’s next for “Motown: The Musical” after its road company hits Detroit in a few weeks, and the Broadway production goes to London?

“Motown: The Movie,” according to Berry Gordy, who co-produced the musical, wrote the production’s book and, of course, founded Motown.

“Oh yeah, we’re talking to (movie) studios, and there’s definitely plans,” Gordy told The Detroit News on Wednesday. “We have not made a decision yet.”

After a soft opening Oct. 21 in Detroit, “Motown: The Musical’s” road production will be ensconced at the Fisher Theatre until Nov. 16.

The Broadway production is on hiatus, because much of it will be required for the London production, which opens in the spring of 2015.

Gordy is especially looking forward to bringing “Motown: The Musical” to Detroit, sharing with his hometown the story of how he grew up here and founded Motown, inspired by native son Joe Louis’ victory in the boxing ring over the German Max Schmeling.

“I saw my parents crying, after Joe Louis won. I wanted to do something with my life that would make people that happy,” Gordy says. He expects to see a lot of his Motown artists at the Oct. 22 premier, since many turned up to see the Broadway show.

“What’s it going to be like in Detroit? More love and more joy, than age or time can ever destroy,” Gordy said, quoting Smokey Robinson ( “More Love”).

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