Correction: The layoffs will affect employees leased to Android-Detroit through the for-profit Focus: HOPE Companies, Inc. A previous version of this story misstated which employees would be affected by the layoffs. 

Focus: HOPE Companies, Inc. plans to permanently lay off 120 employees effective in March, according to a notice filed last week with the State of Michigan.

The for-profit subsidiary of Focus: HOPE will lose 110 general assemblers and 10 Hi-Lo drivers, officials said in the letter sent to the state's workforce development agency. The layoffs are scheduled for March 5 at the facility at 1400 Oakman in Detroit.

Focus: HOPE Companies, Inc. is "an employee-leasing corporation" and a "separate legal entity" from the nonprofit Focus: HOPE, officials said. The nonprofit was founded in 1968 to fight racism and poverty by offering educational programs and career training.

The announced cutbacks will have an impact on automotive production workers leased by Focus: HOPE Companies, Inc. to Android-Detroit, officials said. The employees work at the Focus: HOPE Detroit facility in space leased by Android-Detroit, assembling vehicle parts for delivery to the General Motors Hamtramck Assembly Plant.

Due to high inventory at the plant, GM has cut its second shift, affecting the staffing levels at Android-Detroit.

“Unfortunately, these cutbacks in labor are quite common in the automotive industry," Focus: HOPE CEO Jason D. Lee said in a statement. "Neither Focus: HOPE’s non-profit services nor its employees will be impacted by this action. Our hope is that displaced workers will take advantage of our workforce training programs and services."

The letter, received by the state on Friday and posted to its website Monday, notes than none of the affected employees are members of collective bargaining units.

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