Ray Township — The pilot of a small single-engine winged Piper aircraft crashed near Ray Community Airport.

John Roberts, captain of Macomb County Sherrif’s Office, said the pilot was alone in the aircraft and was transported by ambulance to a hospital, but he did not know which one. He also did not have an identity for the pilot.

“He is an experienced pilot in his early 70s out of Sterling Heights,” said Roberts. “His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.” He added, “He’s fortunate.”

Roberts said no one else was injured on the road or adjoining property.

He said a 911 call came in at around 11:35 a.m. that a small plane had crashed on Indian Trial in Ray Township.

“We determined it was a hard landing with a single occupant pilot who was attempting to land,” said Roberts. “He ran off the end of the runway, across the road, through a field and struck some small trees and farm implements.”

He said the Ray Township fire department and an ambulance responded.

“He was removed from the plane and transported to a hospital by Medstar EMS,” said Roberts.

He described the area where the crash happened as rural, within 40 yards of a house when he was going through the field.

“I’m just happy he’s doing as well as he is, having gone through that,” said Roberts.

He added that his department is in contact with the FAA.

“We will be working with them and the investigation will continue,” he said.

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