Washington — An aide to Democratic U.S. Rep. Sander Levin of Royal Oak was placed on unpaid leave Friday after being arrested on charges of beating his boyfriend with a shovel.

Timothy Foster, 32, was arrested by Baltimore police on Thursday for criminal domestic violence charges, court records show.

Levin’s chief of staff, Hilarie Chambers, told The Detroit News that Foster was placed on unpaid leave Friday, but didn’t offer any additional comment.

Court records reviewed by The Detroit News show Foster was held until Friday and released pending a trial set for Nov. 10. The records show he was charged with second-degree assault and two counts of use of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure.

The incident was first reported by the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call, which said it obtained a police report detailing the incident.

Foster has worked for Levin since September 2008, most recently as an online communications manager.

The publication said Foster struck his 39-year-old boyfriend with a small shovel at a Baltimore home after an altercation began after midnight. It left bruises on the victim’s back, neck and torso.

The assault continued until the victim got into his vehicle. The police report also says Foster lunged at the victim with a knife but didn’t strike him. He also allegedly put the victim into a chokehold and said: “I want to kill you,” Roll Call reported.

Foster couldn’t immediately be reached. The victim went to Union Memorial Hospital for treatment.

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