The new year isn’t even two weeks old and one of my wishes for 2017 has already come true — more jobs for Michigan families. Ford’s recent announcement that it would abandon its plan to invest $1.6 billion in Mexico and invest right here in Flat Rock will create at least 700 news jobs and Fiat Chrysler’s $1 billion investment in Michigan and Ohio is expected to create 2,000 more.

Of course, this is a huge win for our domestic auto industry and I am so excited that more Ford and FCA vehicles will be made by the resilient people of southeast Michigan, but it’s also a victory for the entire U.S. manufacturing industry. And while I applaud Ford and FCA for investing their resources in the hardworking people of Michigan, going forward we must create a business-friendly environment that encourages more companies like Ford and FCA to stay on this side of the border.

This means, as we begin our work in the new Congress, all of my colleagues need to remember that the American people spoke loud and clear this November. They demand that the policies that come out of Washington provide economic opportunity for every American. That means enacting legislation that helps businesses, both big and small, expand the jobs and industries that have served as the backbone of the American economy while creating innovative opportunities for the 21st century workforce. We need to fix our tax code, cut the out of control spending and rein in the unelected, out-of-touch bureaucrats that have unfairly burdened Main Street with miles of red tape.

It’s about time that Washington gets back to working for everyday Americans and I can’t wait to get going. If Ford and FCA’s recent announcements say anything about this upcoming year, I can already tell it’s going to be a great one.

U.S. Rep. Dave Trott, R-Birmingham, represents Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.

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