I was recently sworn in as representative of Michigan’s 10th District. It was humbling, walking onto the House floor and reflecting on the responsibility entrusted to me. Like you, I understand there are great challenges that face our nation. In the recent election the American people spoke loudly about the need to rein in an ever intrusive government. I am confident that we will achieve what voters sent us here to do.

We hit the ground running and passed major regulatory relief measures I supported during the campaign, including the Midnight Rules Relief Act and the REINS Act, which I co-sponsored.

Across my district, I hear from employers large and small that regulation from Washington is making it harder for them to do business. From my years of experience running a business, I have firsthand knowledge of how these regulations make it harder to succeed.

In the past several years we have seen the number of unchecked federal regulations expand to unprecedented levels. In 2015, the regulatory burden on American families and job creators amounted to $1.885 trillion, or roughly $15,000 per household. Moreover, many of these regulations are imposed without a cost-benefit analysis, placing costly new burdens on the economy with little benefit. Regulators have exceeded their authority by placing undue burdens on families, farmers, small businesses and others struggling to make our economy work. The impact of these excessive regulations is reflected in a tepid economy where 2 percent growth has become a cause for celebration.

We are already working in the House to make it easier to do business here in the U.S. and bring the American dream within reach once again.

Early last week, the House passed the Midnight Rules Relief Act. “Midnight Rules” are regulations passed by an outgoing administration, when transparency, public comments, and proper analysis are often compromised to rush high-cost or politically driven regulations into place. The Obama administration’s regulations have already had an onerous impact on the economy and oversight is needed to prevent the creation of additional misguided regulations. This legislation would give Congress greater flexibility to disapprove multiple regulations at one time and target problematic regulations, avoiding potential new burdens on families and businesses.

Later in the week, the House passed the REINS Act, another major step toward reining in federal overreach. It prevents unelected bureaucrats from making decisions that impact families and businesses. In 2016, federal agencies issued over 3,800 new rules, including over 60 major rules that result in an economic impact of $100 million or more. The REINS Act would require federal agencies to submit major rules to Congress for approval, providing greater transparency.

These reforms will protect families and small businesses that cannot afford to employ an army of lawyers, lobbyists and accountants to help them navigate the never ending and confusing maze of federal regulations. The Midnight Rules Relief Act and the REINS Act are steps toward returning control of government to the people.

I am proud to support these pieces of legislation that will reduce the regulatory burden on businesses, families and individuals — and unleash the potential of our economy.

U.S. Rep. Paul Mitchell, R-Dryden Township, represents Michigan’s 10th congressional district.

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