Re: The Detroit News’ Dec. 28 editorial, “Trump’s promising energy landscape”: The Detroit News recently applauded President-elect Trump’s pick for EPA administrator: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Unfortunately for Michigan families, and anyone who cares about having clean air to breathe, Trump’s choice sets a scary precedent.

Pruitt is an extreme nominee who has opposed virtually every clean air protection that protects American families, children and seniors.

He has aggressively opposed important laws like the Clean Air Act, which protect vulnerable populations like children and seniors from illness caused by air pollution. He also joined Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to challenge the Clean Power Plan, a historic effort to reduce our reliance on dirty coal.

The fact is, our families need these clean air protections. Michigan’s asthma rates are significantly higher than the national average, and our state is home to some of the most polluted areas in the nation. We need an EPA administrator committed to protecting public health by reducing pollution in our air and water, and Pruitt has made a career out of doing just the opposite.

Michigan and the nation need an EPA administrator who brings a proven commitment to protecting the environment and public health. Unfortunately, Pruitt will side with big polluters over Michigan families, and our U.S. senators should reject his nomination.

Mara Herman, health outreach coordinator

Ecology Center

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