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Detroit News webinar will examine the Detroit Promise Path

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Published Updated

Preston Welborne El, a success story of the Detroit Promise path, will participate in the Detroit News webinar.

Going to college is not easy. Getting to the finish line is harder still.

Join a Detroit News webinar from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 25 to discuss the Detroit Promise Path, a program for Detroit high school graduates that gives students free tuition, along with a coach and a stipend to help get them to the finish line. 

Special guest will be Detroit rapper Gmac Cash who will perform a rap song about the importance of going to college.

The discussion will be moderated by Detroit News columnist Bankole Thompson.

Panelists will include:

► Preston Welbourne El, former Detroit Promise Path scholar, Oakland Community College graduate and current University of Michigan student

► Wytrice Harris, Detroit Promise Path manager

► Mark Yancy, Detroit Promise Path coach, Henry Ford College

► Greg Handel, Detroit Regional Chamber vice president of education and talent

► Colleen Sommo, senior associate of post-secondary education at MDRC

► Martha Kanter, former U.S. Under Secretary of Education, now the CEO of College Promise

► Peter Remington, president and CEO of the Michigan Education Excellence Foundation

► Kim Kozlowski, higher education reporter, The Detroit News

Published Updated