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Throughout the year, Insider gives away thousands of dollars in prizes. Here are the winners in 2018:


Insider Prize Pack Sweepstakes: Jeffrey Koch

2018 Auto Show Ticket Sweeps: David Reynolds, Scott Wilkins, Bridgett Borg, Irma Braun, Rosemary Panone

VIP Breakfast & Antique Appraisal at The Novi Home Show: Pat Zdeb, Angela Knirk, Kim Trinh, Rebecca Toby, Maria Sterlini



Winter Reading Package: Robert Gardella 

Campus Martius Ice Skating Passes: Timothy Henk, B. Smith, Carl Gildner, Lori Fournier, Rachel Anderson, Georgine Gagne, Pam Willis, Cindy Milano, Nickie Lutz, Effie Lucas, Brenda Birman



Movies for a Year: Darcia Bingle

$100 Gift Card For Easter Goodies: Norine Nichols

$500 Home Depot Gift Card: David Dossette