Gaylord Miller Creedon

Gaylord Miller Creedon

APRIL 11, 1934 – SEPTEMBER 9, 2021

Creedon, Gaylord Miller died peacefully at home on the morning of September 9, 2021 from complications related to getting old and being awesome.

He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Betsy Reid Creedon, who had no idea what she was getting into almost 50 years ago when they met, but would not change a thing. Gaylord's two children, Reid and Parry Creedon, will maintain his legacy of fixing things and loving eccentric animals respectively. His four grandchildren, Miller, Lulu, Zeke and Ronan will carry the memory of their indulgent Grandpa G who always had something sweet secreted on his person.

Gaylord was an army veteran and graduate of MSU who had a long career as a Producer featuring such pop culture highlights as The Rumble in the Jungle, Sesame Street, and The Electric Company. A man defined by his family and friendships, Gaylord loved easily, angered slowly and joked relentlessly. He spent hours at The Players Playhouse, on the board of The Children's Center, serving with Rotary, and worshipping at Christ Church. Belying his suburban facade was an iconoclast who disdained and undermined all pretension and created safe space for those who felt different or excluded.

We say goodbye to a beautiful contradiction. Born on April 11, 1934, he was older than his peers but ahead of his time. Gaylord expressed his strength through his kindness and his resolve through compassion. He will be grieved by all that knew him while making us all smile when we remember him.

To donate to an organization Gaylord cherished, please consider Christ Church Grosse Pointe, The Players Club, Children's Center or Grosse Pointe Rotary.

Posted online on September 11, 2021