Eric Coughlin

A too average suburban upbringing left me thirsting for excitement. I fulfilled that longing with destructive excitement and ended up right back in Waterford, attempting to learn my father's business.

I did, but my heart wasn't there. 

Meanwhile, immersing myself in the distilled drama of sports, at any level, satisfied my need for healthy excitement. My fascination extended to those that were able to capture the way I was feeling about any particular sporting even with nothing but words, and then explain how it went that way and why.

People told me this industry was dying, but I walked into a college counseling office and told them I would major in journalism.

I'm a sports freelancer, but I have prior experience doing newsier stories. I started working for The News in 2016. I've covered everything from high school wrestling to Lions practices, plus I've done Live Updates, Twitter Reactions, answered phones and whatever other odd writing job Sports needs done. I love 'em all, but I'm most knowledgeable about UM football. 

I'm based on the edges of Ann Arbor, overwhelmed by yard work, with my wife, Jill.
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