Washington โ€” Under pressure from government regulators, Evenflo Company Inc. will recall 202,000 another child safety seats for sticky buckles -- after previously recalling 1.4 million child seats for the same problem.

In total seat manufacturers have called back 7.5 million seats for the problem attributed to kids spilling food or drinks in the buckles..

In July, Graco Children's Products Inc. agreed to recall about 1.9 million infant car seats built between July 2010 and May 2013 that have buckles that could become difficult to open, expanding its callback to more than 6.1 million seats.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into the issue in October 2012 in Graco products and then NHTSA opened an investigation of Evenflo's use of the same buckles in February.

Evenflo said during a two-and-a-a-half year period that the buckles were used it received 10 complaints that consumers were experiencing difficulty unlatching the buckle. None of these complaints involved a QT3 buckle or involved an emergency or injury. Evenflo said in April it has agreed to recall the 1.37 million seats after NHTSA opened an investigation.

Evenflo and Graco will replace the buckles that could be difficult to open after toddlers spill milk or other liquids. Graco also said in July will offer a replacement buckle to any consumer who owns one of 2.3 million child seats not included in the recall, but wants an updated buckle, under a customer service campaign.

In February, Graco โ€” a division of Newell Rubbermaid โ€” agreed to recall 3.77 million toddler and booster seats built in 2009-13 under pressure from the National Highway Transportation Association. The agency formally asked Graco in January to recall 5.6 million car seats. Graco expanded the recall in March to add another 400,000 seats built before 2009.

This means about 10 million car seats produced by Graco or Evenflo have now been recalled or are subject to a customer service campaign. It now ranks as one of the largest recalls for car seats in U.S. history.

One Graco complaint said it took 45 minutes for a parent to unbuckle a toddler. "We debated cutting it apart; we also debated calling 911 to have the fire department unleash it," the complaint said.

NHTSA said in its recall demand letter that it is "completely reasonable that children will eat and drink while seated in their car seat and that some amount of these substances may enter the buckle."

Owners with questions can call Evenflo at (800) 490-7591.


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