Egg, turkey meat prices rise as bird flu spreads

David Pitt
Associated Press

Des Moines, Iowa — Prices for eggs and turkey meat are rising as an outbreak of bird flu in the Midwest claims more chickens and turkeys.

A carton of eggs in the Midwest is up nearly 17 percent to $1.39 since mid-April, when the virus began killing chickens and farmers culled their flocks to contain any spread. Eggs used as ingredients in products like cake mix and mayonnaise have surged 63 percent in 2½ weeks.

Iowa, the leading egg producer, has lost 26 million hens.

Analysts say grocery stores and wholesalers are trying to stock up.

The death of 5.6 million turkeys has pushed the price of fresh breast meat used in deli cuts up 10 percent since mid-April. Frozen hens used for home roasting are up about 3 percent.