Another new housing development aims for Brush Park

Louis Aguilar
The Detroit News

Detroit — Brush Park, a once elegant and now sparse neighborhood, may get three new housing developments that could potentially add more than 1,000 residents to the historic community just north of downtown.

The Scott at Brush Park is a $60 million building planned for Woodward Avenue and Erskine Street.

Work on the site could begin soon for a new five-story building with 200 lofts, a 300-space parking deck and ground floor retail. The Scott at Brush Park is a $60 million building planned for Woodward Avenue and Erskine Street, a site that has been empty and blighted for more than a decade, according to state economic officials.

"At this point, we're going for building permits. We could starting digging in the next couple of weeks," said Richard Broder, a principal of the project.

On Monday, a $1.5 million loan for the development was approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund Board, which is part of the state's economic development agency.

"Brush Park is poised to regain its luster," Broder said. "It's really a big connector to what is good and new exciting in downtown, and what is good and exciting in Midtown."

The Scott is a joint partnership between Broder & Sachse Real Estate Services, Inc. and two other principals, Chris Early and Clifford Brown, according to a spokesman for Broder & Sachse.

Brush Park is a 22-block neighborhood that was once home to historic Gilded Age mansions. But for decades it has been marked by large empty lots and decaying homes. It is bounded by Mack Avenue on the north, Woodward Avenue on the west, Beaubien Street on the east, and the Fisher Freeway on the south.

Now it is in the midst of a booming downtown and Midtown. The new hockey arena and the M-1 Rail line — both developments are still under under construction — will have major impact on the neighborhood.

The project's developer, Woodward & Erskine LLC, is an entity formed by the principals of Birmingham-based Broder & Sachse Real Estate Services, Inc. .

The Scott is one of three new projects aimed for Brush Park. The other two developments are seeking the various government approvals needed to make the projects reality.

■Last month, a $70 million proposal to revive a mainly barren stretch of the neighborhood was unveiled. It would restore four historic mansions and build up to 300 new residential units. The development would span 8.4 acres, or about four blocks, which is generally bounded by Edmund to the north, John R to the west; Brush to the east; and Alfred to the south. The four historic mansions to be restored are on the 200 block of Alfred.

■In April, another major project was announced for the former Brewster Wheeler complex. It would be the site of a nearly $50 million plan for 100 to 150 residential units, a new restaurant and meeting space, as well as one acre of green space. The 6.2-acre Brewster Wheeler site is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

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