Russia removes foreign detergents from stores

Associated Press

Moscow — Russian authorities have begun to remove foreign brands of detergents from stores, claiming that they pose health risks.

The Russian Consumer Protection Agency said in a statement Tuesday that recent inspections of selected goods by top foreign brands such as Colgate-Palmolive and Procter & Gamble have found high levels of toxic ingredients in them.

Moscow extended its ban earlier this month on selected food imports from the 28-nation European Union and other countries. Russia, however, has not banned the imports of detergents or washing liquids, and most of the producers mentioned by the agency have production facilities in Russia.

In comment sent to The Associated Press, Procter & and Gamble said “we are committed to ensuring that our products are safe to use and meet or exceed regulations where they are marketed. We believe our products are in compliance with the regulations in Russia and are seeking to work with the (agency) to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.”