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Two of Metro Detroit’s favorite springtime traditions — college basketball’s March Madness and Easter eggs — get a mash-up in the nine offices of First American Title Co. The real estate services firm matches up employees in a draw like the NCAA brackets, then has them face off in an egg-rolling contest, explained Sandy Wich, county manager for the Macomb and Oakland county offices.

“I’m always trying to find ways to make it fun at work and let the employees know that, without them, we wouldn’t be here,” Wich said Tuesday, after 28 workers in the Rochester office got things, ahem, rolling.

The office tradition started four years ago, Wich said. A big fan of March Madness, she was looking for a way to incorporate it at the office, and her husband, Joe, mentioned a friend’s family tradition of egg rolling. Two hard-boiled eggs are sent to collide and whichever one emerges uncracked advances to the next round.

Employees bring in their own decorated eggs, an option that can result in some people trying to gain the advantage, such as one woman who, in an unpopular move, shellacked her egg with special vinegar in hopes it would last longer. “That girl made it to the quarterfinals,” Wich said, “and it’s a good thing she didn’t win.”

The First American Egg Tourney moves on to the Birmingham office on Wednesday, where clients will participate for the first time. Wich said she had 20 clients signed up to participate, all vying for $400 worth flyers and postcards for use in marketing.

As for Monday’s initial roll-off, the Rochester office winner was Tammie Stroh, a member of a commercial real estate team that shares space at that office. The runner-up was Julia Halpin, a residential team account executive.

“She thought she was going to win,” Wich said, “because she went with an organic egg.”

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