Sears Holdings Corp. announced Thursday that it close will three Michigan stores – two Kmarts and one Sears – in Michigan.

The Super Kmart at 21111 Van Born in Taylor, will close in mid-September. In addition, the Kmart in Houghton Lake and the Sears in Midland will close in late July.

The Michigan stores are part of a plan to close 68 Kmart stores and 10 Sears stores nationwide as the company struggles to restore profitability.

The ailing company had said in February that it would accelerate the closing of unprofitable stores. The move is expected to generate a “meaningful level” of cash from the liquidation of store inventories and from the sale or sublease of some of the related real estate, it said.

The closings follow a comprehensive review of the company’s store portfolio that took into account store performance and the timing of lease expirations.

Sears has long been struggling with a sales slump, unable to keep up with rivals like Wal-Mart.

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