Subscribers, enjoy our new e-Edition, starting Thursday

Jonathan Wolman
Detroit News Editor and Publisher

Valued readers of the newspaper, I wanted to inform all of you of an important change coming Thursday, May 19. We are shifting The Detroit News E-Edition to a new platform -- one that will enhance your online newspaper experience with better, easy-to-use features. Current E-Edition subscribers do not have to change their username or password. The new system will flow seamlessly from the old.

Here are just a few benefits the new system will provide:

The new Detroit News e-Edition will be available for tablets and phones as well as computers.


  • The opportunity to select keywords for articles of interest.  When that keyword shows up in a future edition, a notification will be sent to you via email.
  • Ability to download PDFs of that day’s newspaper for future reading when an internet connection might not be available. This function is available on all platforms, including desktop, mobile and e-reader.
  • A web index that allows subscribers to read the latest updates from the website while still remaining in the e-edition.
  • Easier printing for puzzles and articles.

Again, these are just a few of the many enhancements offered. We hope you enjoy the new e-Edition as much as we do!

Not yet an e-Edition subscriber? Visit or call 1-800-395-3300.