Meijer issues recall for salad and sandwiches

Candice Williams
The Detroit News

Meijer issued a recall Tuesday of some of its salad and sandwiches due to potential salmonella contamination.

The recall affects Markets of Meijer Salads and Sandwiches sold in Meijer stores from July 20 to July 25.

No illnesses have been reported to Meijer regarding products in this recall, store officials said Tuesday.

Items in the recall are:

■Meijer macaroni salad 1 lb., 0-41250-16058-8

■Meijer macaroni salad 3 lb., 0-41250-16060-1

■Meijer potato salad amish 1 lb., 0-41250-16074-8

■Meijer potato salad amish 3 lb, 0-41250-16076-2

■MOM salad seashell macaroni, 2-17306-00000-3

■MOM sandwich tuna salad wedge ck 7 oz ea., 7-08820-52935-9

■MOM sandwich egg salad 8 oz ea., 7-08820-54345-4

■Meijer egg salad spread 12 oz, 7-08820-62022-3

■Meijer chicken salad spread 12 oz., 7-08820-62033-9

Customers should stop using the products and return them to the nearest Meijer for a refund. For information can call Meijer at (800) 543-3704.