New resale shop opens Saturday in Eastern Market

Melody Baetens

A new resale and consignment store will debut in Eastern Market on Saturday, giving local shoppers another spot to unload their vintage treasures and quality used clothing, or find some gems of their own.

Boro Resale, 1440 Gratiot, is the brick-and-mortar location of Miriam Pranschke, who has been collecting and selling used clothing, shoes and accessories for the past seven years. Her new store will focus on designer duds, vintage wares and higher-end independent clothes makers.

Pranschke said she wanted to open a consignment shop specifically so she can curate her collection.

“Consignment is very different than traditional thrift shopping because it’s a curated collection of generally better quality, better condition, higher-end clothing,” the Detroiter said. “You as the customer get better, faster, and more rewarding access to better clothing for much cheaper than buying new.”

She also pointed the importance of preserving and passing on items that already exist, rather than making new products.

“I consign used clothing to keep perfectly usable items out of landfills and also to help instill a sense of value in the clothing and accessories we buy,” she said. “We don’t have to buy everything new.”

Boro Resale will give consignors 40 percent of the selling price. Pranschke also started Community Threads, a program helps other organizations that support equity and mobility within Detroit. She’ll give the consignors the option to donate a portion of their earnings to Community Threads.

An opening-day party is planned for Boro with the store opening at 10 a.m. Saturday and a dance party following at 5 p.m. Keep up with what’s on Boro’s shelves at @bororesale on Instagram.

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