Detroit Metropolitan Airport received high marks when compared to other major airports for being on time in 2017.

A just-released January punctuality report by OAG Aviation Worldwide Limited, which ranks on-time performance for airlines and airports based on aviation data from 2017, ranked Detroit Metro fourth among the 20 most on-time major airports in the world.

OAG defines on-time as arriving or departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival/departure times. The major airport category is between 20 million and 30 million departing seats each year.

“We have great cooperation at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and share a common goal with our airlines to provide the best experience possible to our customers,” said Joseph R. Nardone, CEO of Wayne County Airport Authority, in an email to The Detroit News.

Airports are categorized as small, medium, large, major and mega.

U.S. airports finished in the top five of the large, major and mega categories.

Metro Airport was beaten by Minneapolis International Airport (MSP), which finished as the best-performing major airport in the world. Coming in second-place was Doha International Airport in Doha, Qatar; third-place was Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow.

“Flight delays and cancellations have historically been one of the most stressful aspects of travel,” said Mike Benjamin, COO of OAG, in a statement. “That’s slowly changing as more airports and airlines prioritize on-time performance.

“In 2017, we saw the investments in punctuality pay-off: The U.S. performed exceptionally well against its global counterparts, with five airlines and four airports finishing in the top 10 globally in their respective mega categories.”

According to the report, on-time performance among top U.S. carriers slightly fell compared with 2016.

Hawaiian Airlines was ranked the most punctual airline in North America in 2017 and the third most punctual in the world with an average on-time performance of 87.2 percent. It is the fourth straight year it ranked first in the United States.

But even that airline’s on-time performance slightly decreased in 2017.

American Airlines was the only major U.S. carrier that improved performance from 2016 to 2017 by .53 percent.

Delta Air Lines moved to second among all North American airlines and first among U.S. mega airlines with an average on-time performance of 82.7 percent.

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Most punctual airlines in North America

1. Hawaiian Airlines (87.24 percent on-time)

2. Delta Air Lines (82.76 percent)

3. Alaska Airlines (81.06 percent)

4. United Airlines (79.86 percent)

5. American Airlines (78.97 percent)

6. Frontier Airlines (78.91 percent)

7. Southwest (78.55 percent)

8. Spirit Airlines (76.97 percent)

9. Westjet (76.18 percent)

10. Allegiant Air (73.55 percent)

Source: OAG

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