My word: Gilbert buys

Neal Rubin
The Detroit News
Dan Gilbert's operations have acquired and

See Dan Gilbert. See Dan buy more stuff. See Dan buy and

Or, as it said Thursday in an entertainingly convoluted and labyrinthine announcement from Rock Holdings, the company “disclosed the acquisition of Oakland, California-based and in accord with their begetter, IAC.”

The websites, the announcement continued, "are the nation’s preeminent online erudition resource and information concourses, eliciting in excess of 540 million page explorations per approximate lunar cycle."

Which is to say, they're where a lot of people go every month to look up words.

Employing a celebrated bastion of enlightenment — Twitter — to explain the purchase, Gilbert wrote, "Some ask why this deal? Words are the vessels of communications btw humans. And digitally, words are the means of exchange of information & intel or the 'currency' of the 21st century. Our journey begins at the epicenter of the phenomenon. Stay tuned ..."

The stipulations of the procurement remain unavailable, Rock said, meaning it's not telling how big a check it cut.

But only days ago, Gilbert divested himself of an emporium of speculation and venturousness for a gaudy sum — meaning he dumped Greektown Casino for $1 billion — so he had some cash to spare.

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