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How to navigate the new Detroit News website

The Detroit News

The Detroit News website has a new look.

We have switched over from the design you’ve seen for the last five years to something simpler, cleaner, and – we think – easier for you to get the content you’re looking for. It will also more closely reflect our mobile and app platforms, meaning all readers get the same great experience regardless of how they get to us. 

The new Detroit News design website layout.

Most importantly, Detroitnews.com will continue to be an independent voice bringing you the same important local, sports, business and entertainment content as well as the national/international coverage you need. 

The key changes you’ll see:

  • There will be more images associated with our top stories and longer, more-informative headlines in that space.
  • Videos and photo galleries that show up in the feed will have a better presence. Galleries will be identifiable by a package of three thumbnail images in the feed. And videos can be played directly inline without having to go to a different page to view them.
  • A new “Most Popular” module will fit into the lower rightmost column of the page, letting you know what other Detroit News readers are looking at today.
  • Navigational “Quick Links” to things like Scoreboards, Traffic, Puzzles and Lottery pages will be added to a  horizontal list right below the top headlines on the homepage.

If you’re missing a link, or there’s one you think should be there, let us know. We are willing to consider any changes to the lists that make it easier for readers.

We think these changes will be for the better, and will enhance user experience on our site. We hope you feel the same way. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, by e-mail at online@detroitnews.com, on Twitter @DetroitNews, or on our Facebook page.

See an example of the new site design below: